Live From New York!

Happy Friday!

I’ve spent the week in New York City, training for my new job. My brain is pretty much melting. SO much new information, plus all the frenetic energy of the city. I’ve been wined and dined but have also had a lot of time to myself. I’ve also been pretty good about keeping up with my health goals: I’ve jogged twice, took a 4 mile walk, and did some bodyweight exercises in my hotel room. Running in New York is a different beast. I’m not near anyplace good to run, so I’ve just been zig-zagging my way through Midtown. I’ve also made a decent effort to eat healthfully, despite all the amazing temptations up here.

I knew taking this job would mean stepping outside my comfort zone. And I wasn’t wrong. I’ve gone from being an expert in my field to almost starting over. It’s scary! I’ve been doubting my decision all week. It does help that I kind of anticipated this doubt. I’m definitely giving this a go. I imagine it will be better when I’m back in Atlanta, as the team there is older. (The digital world in NYC is soooooo young!) It will be important for me to continually remind myself why I made this decision. I needed to take this chance and I needed a change of scenery.

I fly back to Atlanta tonight. Overall, my anxiety about flying has been much better this trip. I sort of feel resigned to it. Assumin I make it home safely, we’re going to spend the weekend house hunting. We’re scheduled to close on our current home on August 20th, so we really need to figure out what we want to do. We’re all over the place, between downsizing (condo), buying a vacation property, moving to the almost-country and getting a big ol’ house with room for our families. TBD…

SO. MUCH. CHANGE. I might have overdone it 🙂