Christmas Wrap-up

How was your Christmas? Did you survive? Was it wonderful/stressful/all of the above?

I think this may have been the best Christmas ever for Jack and me. We stretched it out over several days. Anyone else think Christmas should always be a four-day weekend? It was perfect!

We did our little celebration together on the 23rd, then spent the 24th getting doing some last-minute shopping, wrapping presents, and getting ready to host our families. Christmas Eve we had Jack’s daughter and her husband stay with us. They’re vegan, so I had a fun time cooking these yummy stuffed shells for them. Side note: we found out we’re going to be grandparents. (!!!) OK, for me, I’ll just be a step-grandparent, but that still counts! They shared this fun news with everyone over the holiday 🙂

My parents and my sister’s family joined us Christmas afternoon for dunch and presents for my niece and nephew. I put out tons of food from Trader Joe’s, so that kept things much simpler than if I’d cooked. We all hung out and played with the kids. It was nice! That evening, my stepson and his wife came over, along with their best friend. We ordered a Chinese food feast so again, we wouldn’t to cook. This will probably become a tradition 🙂 We did presents with all of them, after which, my stepdaughter and her husband headed home so she could rest (she’s having a rough time with her first trimester). The others spent the night with us, and I will admit that things went way too late for me and got way out of hand. We all enjoyed the hot tub and Jack’s new ping pong table, but I was so ready for bed by midnight. Jack somehow stayed up with them until 3am, god bless him.

The day after Christmas, we cleaned up the mess from the night before. Then I headed over to my parents’ house for yet another Christmas. I made a chocolate pie with my niece while we waited for my brother’s family to arrive – I can’t stress enough how freaking good it was. My mother made lunch for all of us, then we did more gift-giving. 90% of it was for the grandkids, which makes it more fun 🙂

That night, Jack and I were happy to have the house to ourselves. We watched a movie and had some drinks and relaxed. The next day we tried to get up early but slept in til 8:30. After a run, we met Jack’s daughter, her husband, and his son to see the new Star Wars movie. Mixed reviews from the group, but I loved it! We then made it home in time to watch the Falcons beat the no-longer-undefeated Panthers, which sort of made up for Louisville’s two-point loss to Kentucky the day before. Another movie, some hot-tubbing, and we were in bed by 10:00.

So now it’s back to work, for a couple of (chaotic) days. New Year’s Eve is the anniversary of our commitment to each other, so we’re looking forward to another celebration later this week. This one is sort of a milestone – 15 years! I’ve spent a lot of today writing down some of my goals for 2016, what I’d like to work on and what the planning will look like.

Did you have a very Merry Christmas? Are you thinking about your resolutions, or just enjoying the rest of the year?