First Blogiversary

Happy birthday to my little blog! I’m happy to say I have successfully made it through my first year here. I was talking with my husband about this blog the other night. At first, he was reading it, but I asked him to stop because I felt like it was inhibiting me a bit. (After that, I think he’d pretty much forgotten I was writing at all.)

Talking about it with him, I realized that not only do I appreciate how much this space holds me accountable to myself, but also how much I enjoy my little blogging community. I don’t have a ton of readers, and that’s fine with me. This space is way more about me figuring out my life than it is to get a bunch of followers. But those of you that have connected with, it means so much to me! I love following along with your adventures and goals. You guys really inspire me to push myself, and you give me tons of great ideas, many of which I steal to write about here 😉

So, thanks for reading, for commenting, and for your own sweet blogs!