Write 31: March 31st

I did it! I wrote/posted every day in March. Let’s be honest, it really wasn’t that hard because I didn’t try to do any kind of a theme, like 31 Days of Paleo Breakfast or 31 Days of Conversations with Your Partner. I used it as a way to challenge myself to think about writing, and to get in the habit of writing daily.

And with that, my two main takeaways are:

  • Writing needs to be a habit for me if I’m serious about developing my skills.
  • Blogging is not the same as journaling.

Moving forward, I think I’ll keep the habit of writing each morning, but I won’t be posting on a daily basis. Rather, I’ll take the writing time to develop more thoughtful posts, and to come up with a schedule and some themes for those posts. I’ve always been a stream of consciousness kind of writer – just going full-tilt and letting everything flow out of my brain. I haven’t been great at editing myself, so I’ll be working on that.

As for the Accountability part, I did like that, but March was a bad month to start it. I wasn’t being thrifty at all (to say the least!) because it was the month I got my annual bonus and knew I’d be: paying off my car, and spending money on some new clothes, and doing a lot of dining out, and celebrating my husband’s birthday. I also totally sucked at my food intake. I did pretty well with the workout portion, but I think all the running has completely thrown my body out of whack. I spent most of February sick, and have been laid out for the past four days with a horrible cold, punctuated with the stomach flu. I’m still so exhausted I don’t want to go shopping. You know things are bad…

So, yeah, March was a bit of an anomaly. I think life will be getting back to normal over the next couple of weeks. I’m still aiming for my half marathon on April 18, assuming I stop being sick and am able to get back to running. We’re aiming to put our house on the market in mid-May, so that will keep us at home, getting everything ready. Most importantly, spring is here, with lots of sun. I’m anxious to be outside in it 🙂


Write 31: March 30th

Well, I’m still sick, but the stomach flu part is mostly gone. Yesterday was pretty horrible! I wasn’t able to eat anything, but did manage to drink some Gatorade and had the best Coca Cola ever 🙂 This morning I’m left with that chest cold and some sniffles – but I’ll take that any day over throwing up.

We’ve cancelled our little mountain trip. I’m way too weak to do any hiking. Today is Jack’s birthday, and he said he’s happy to just take it easy together, go to the movies, and have a nice dinner. (Hopefully I will feel like eating by then!) He doesn’t seem too disappointed, so that’s good. And I’m feeling too lousy to even be disappointed. I’m just mostly excited about napping on the couch.

It’s frustrating that I’m sick with our half-marathon less than 3 weeks away. I completely missed out on training for it this weekend. I ran 4 miles on Friday, but it was lousy, which I now know was because I was coming down with this chest cold. Here’s hoping I’ll be able to get one more long run in this coming weekend. I think it would give me a lot more confidence about being able to complete the race.

Well, Accountability is pretty simple for yesterday:

  • Food: None
  • Workout: None
  • Spending: None

Hah, maybe I should have the stomach flu more often. NOT.

Write 31: March 29th

I. Am. Sick. Not just a chest cold – now I have a stomach flu. So it’s been a miserable 12 hours. I have nothing to post about but I didn’t want to go a day without posting, since it’s almost the end of my 31 day challenge.

Hope your weekend is more fun than mine!

Write 31: March 28th

Jack and I had a fun day yesterday. It’s nice to occasionally take a random day off from work and spend time together. I highly recommend it if you’re able to do it! We went running, but it wasn’t a great run. Turns out, I’m getting sick again. Whomp, whomp. So far it’s just in my chest, and I’m hoping it will stay there and will go away quickly. I’m chugging juice this morning and got about nine hours of sleep. We ate lots of delicious food yesterday, went for massages, and got our cars detailed. Totally spoiled ourselves.

We’re changing up our plans for the rest of the weekend because BASKETBALL. It’s Jack’s birthday weekend, so he gets to call the shots. If he’d rather watch the games than go out dancing, that’s fine with me. Probably smarter for me anyway, since I have a chest cold. We’re also delaying our little mountain trip by a day so we can watch the Louisville game tomorrow 🙂

I’m skipping Accountability because it was a run-free kind of day.

Hope you’re having the best weekend ever!

Write 31: March 27th

Vacation! Staycation! A little of both 🙂

  • Today: running, massage, basketball game (Go Cards!)
  • Tomorrow: movie, dinner, dancing (Jack’s birthday celebration!)
  • Sunday -> Tuesday: mountains (hiking, hot tubbing, cheap Mexican food!)
  • Wednesday: hanging out with my nieces during their spring break (Cinderella movie!)

I’m excited. I’m glad we get to travel a little bit, but I don’t have to worry about flying or a long road trip. Mostly I’m looking forward to spending time with Jack, and then with my family.


  • Food: Breakfast was a PB sandwich, then some yogurt and strawberries a little bit later. Lunch was a salad with tuna, an apple and some cheese. Dinner was a soft taco with leftover cheesy-pork. There were like a dozen cakes in the office for our CMO’s birthday. I managed to resist them there, but took a slice home to share with Jack. I was good with not snacking yesterday. I ended the day with some popcorn, that cake, a glass of wine, and a vodka-soda.
  • Workout: Arms and abs at home, and then I walked enough to get past the 10k step goal.
  • Spending: $23 at Hallmark on birthday cards and a gift bag.

Happy Friday y’all!

Write 31: March 26th

OK, this #write31 has officially become tedious. I know I don’t have something interesting to share daily. But I do appreciate that habit-forming portion of it, and most mornings I look forward to writing. Maybe the takeaway for me is to continue to write daily, but to work on just two or three posts a week, so they’ll be more thoughtful/readable and better written.

Today is my Friday! Jack and I are taking a few days off for his birthday. Long runs, massages, basketball, good meals, dancing, hiking, mountains, hotel (sans puppies) are in our future. It’s like it’s my birthday too 🙂

Yesterday was a pretty good workout and food days. Something I’ve been eating this week is messing with my stomach though. I thought I was just overindulging, but it’s not that. It’s also apparently not the protein bars, and it’s not the salads. I can’t figure it out, but I am SO bloated. I haven’t really been drinking this week – could my stomach be revolting because it’s not getting a buzz??? LOL.


  • Food: Wednesdays are bagel days in the office, when I normally work from home. I did enjoy a French toast bagel for breakfast 🙂 Lunch was leftover Chinese food. Dinner was a salad with a veggie burger patty on it. Snacks were chocolate (duh), carrot sticks with ranch, an apple, popcorn, two glasses of wine.
  • Workout: 3 mile jog, 4 mile walk after work with people from my team (so fun I didn’t even notice we walked 4 miles).
  • Spending: $176 on birthday presents and workout clothes for me; $21 on groceries and Ditto’s meds.

Write 31: March 25th

Today it’s three months until I turn 40. So soon! I’m actually pretty excited about it. the older I get, the happier I get – plus I always love an excuse to spoil myself 🙂

In the meantime, Jack’s birthday is this weekend, so I’m looking forward to celebrating with him. We’re taking a short trip to the mountains for some hiking, but first spending the weekend here in Atlanta, drinkin’ and dancin’. Good times.

My office is doing this odd, last-minute walk/run today. We’re supposed to all walk two miles (or run if we’d like) to Dunkin Donuts together. Then they’ll buy us a treat, and then we walk or run back to the office. Weird, right? Doesn’t the treat in the middle sort of defeat the purpose of the four miles? I’m debating whether or not to do it, as I already had a run planned this morning. But seeing how I missed two days of workouts on Sunday and Monday this week, it wouldn’t hurt me to do both, right? I guess I’ll do the ol’ wait-and-see approach, being sure to take my running stuff with me.


  • Food: Juice, Lara bar, for breakfast. Apple with PB for snack. Leftover pork, spinach and brown rice for lunch. Crackers and PB for another snack. Protein bar, popcorn, cheese, and raw veggies for dinner. One glass of wine. I feel like I’m forgetting something. There was also some random chocolate snacking at work. They are making us all fat with the piles of snacks they give us!
  • Workout: 40 minutes; half in the gym doing weights and half walking the little trail around my office building. Such a pretty day outside 🙂
  • Spending: $31 on CO2 refills for the Soda Stream, $72 on my hair.