November in Review

I have been away from this space for awhile. Partly due to my workload, partly due to a bit of a social media break, partly due to volunteering, partly due to the holidays, etc etc. I’ve been dealing with some crazy back pain for the past 3+ weeks as well, and all the meds make me need a LOT more sleep. I haven’t been getting up before 6:30, much less at 4:45, lol.

I’m a little bummed that I haven’t had as much desire to write here. When I first started to think about blogging, I wanted to it be funnier and more essay-like. But then I quickly fell into making it all about my New Year’s resolutions. I made some good progress during the first half of the year, but the second half, life has been much more overwhelming than I prefer. I haven’t made much progress at all lately, even after editing and re-prioritizing my goals. I haven’t done any of my new house goals, though I am doing a bit better with my goals for fall.

As has been my refrain for the past several months, I’m mostly just trying to keep my head above water. With one exception: I’m finally making the time to volunteer! After reviewing my progress in October, I felt really crappy that I had done almost zero volunteering this year. I started looking for opportunities in my area and ended up finding a couple of nonprofits that were looking for virtual help. I’m now doing social media for two groups that are near and dear to my heart: an organization that helps spay and neuter pets for lower-income families, and a farm that rescues and rehabilitates unwanted horses. It’s been a lot of work so far and I haven’t figured out the best way for us to work together, but I’m really happy I can help out in some manner 🙂

The rest of the month was a blur. Work keeps on being intense; I can’t tell you how many days I’ve almost cried from the stress. Because of my mysterious back injury, I’ve had to take time off from running. I have gone on short walks the past few days, and not only are they not hurting, they seem to be helping. I’m hopeful that continues so I can get back into an exercise routine. As for our new house, we’re still working on decorating projects – although I will say we have outdone ourselves in terms of Christmas decor outside.

I’m continuing to mostly stay off Facebook. I do have to go on to post for my nonprofits, but I really haven’t been looking at anything personal. I find myself playing stupid word games on my phone with the time I used to spend on Facebook. Not the best use of my time, but a step in the right direction I think!

I read something yesterday about making December the beginning of your plans for the new year. So you don’t have to start your diet, but maybe you find some fun recipes and put together some plans for January. Maybe you don’t start running, but you take a couple of leisurely walks and think about what your route is going to be once you’re up to a 5k. I’m going to take this month to think about what I want 2016 to look like. Will I be job hunting? Will I be vegan? Will I train for another half-marathon or will I start swimming instead? Thinking about this now, planning for it now, I think will help me be more realistic and have a better chance to succeed.

What are your plans for December? Are you focused on the holidays or are you looking ahead to 2016?





October in Review

Wow, I have had just total writers’ block lately. I have logged on so many times and just stared at this blank screen for a few minutes, only to realize I had nothing to say. At last, here’s an easy topic: last month’s progress!

I have been dabbling with Project 445. It’s been pretty great, to be honest. I love having so much time in the mornings. I’m not doing it every day, not yet, at least. But for the majority of the weekdays over the past two week, I’m up at 4:45 and won’t let myself look at work email until after 6:00. It’s been good to take that time to enjoy my coffee and read what I want to read online. It hasn’t translated into many workouts, but I’ve been reasonably active.

October was a flash, that’s for sure. I didn’t get to enjoy it as much as I’d hoped, but a lot of that was due to all the rain we’ve had down here lately. It also wasn’t as productive as I’d hoped, as work has been ridiculous and we’re still unpacking. We did get a new deck built (or should I say, we hired someone to get that new deck built, lol). We ran a fun 5k race and I was really happy with my time. Not a PR, but close. We went to Nashville for an amazing concert and stayed at a perfect Airbnb. We did a food truck night with family in our new little town, and also hit up the farmers market for local apples and burrata. Halloween was a bit of a dud, but whatcha gonna do…

We’re enjoying our new house. We’re loving the neighborhood and all the restaurants that are so close by. I’m also loving the proximity to my family, and Jack doesn’t seem to mind that at all. We went hot tub shopping yesterday. Hello, sticker shock! But I think it will be well worth it, especially after cold morning runs this winter. We’re basking in the glow of being moved in, so our marriage is doing wonderfully 🙂

In terms of goals, I have to be honest: I’m not really thinking of them. I continue to just try to keep my head above water at work. By the end of the work day, I mostly just want to drink wine and be brain dead. I’m not running as much as I was, but I think it was time for a little break and I don’t feel too guilty about it. There’s no point in forcing it.

The two biggest things I want to focus on for the fall are being healthier and finally volunteering. The being healthy part is both my diet and my workouts. I need to find another long-ish race to train for, since that really keeps me on track. As for volunteering, I’ve made a lot of excuses about it all year, which is pretty gross. I’m going to look for something now!

Did you enjoy your October? What are you goals for the rest of the fall?

Project 445

I really have enjoyed keeping this blog over the past 10 months. It’s been interesting to track my progress against my goals, and to remind myself of the things I value. I’ve also come to realize what a gift it is to have the time and the energy to work towards my goals and to be introspective. I didn’t understand what a controlled setting I had cultivated for myself until I threw it so off track. And then life/fate/the universe came along and knocked off a little bit further. Recent months have found me just struggling to keep my head above water. In a recent post, I laughed at myself for being so wound up about my New Year’s Resolutions; I couldn’t even relate to the person who had created them and then so dutifully followed up on them with each new month.

But now the dust is starting to settle and I can sort of see the glint of the light at the end of the tunnel. (OMG, please forgive the multitude of clichĂ©s in this post! My brain is too tired to come up with anything original.) Jack and I are starting to talk about getting back into a healthier routine. We both are waaay more productive in the mornings than we are after work, and we’ve been pretty good about waking up early. Still, almost every day, we’re like, what just happened to our morning! How did two hours go by so quickly?!? How are we supposed to find the time to drink coffee, check out the news, feed and walk the pups, maybe squeeze in some lovin’, shower/get dressed/make breakfast and lunches and then get out the door on time?!?!?!?!

Here’s how: We’re going to start getting up at 4:45. (!!!) It’s a little bit painful just to type it. But I know it will be SO worth it! Few things make us feel better than accomplishing a ton of stuff before we actually start working. Yes, I’m sure we’ll be checking our emails and putting together our to-do lists and probably even doing some “real” work, but we’ll also give ourselves at least two hours before we have to take care of the dogs. (The dog routine is looong: three pups, one of whom takes multiple medications, different foods, different walking/pooping habits. It’s a good 30 minutes.)

Another benefit is that if I have to get up that early, I will be heading to bed early too. That means fewer opportunities to get into trouble, aka, drinking and/or eating too much 🙂

We’re supposed to be starting this Monday. I’ll let you know how it turns out…

Do you think I’m crazy? What’s your morning routine like? Do you take some time for yourself or sleep til the last second and rush to work?