Not so social

Hi there! You guys, it’s already January 17th. Next week is the last full week of January. Huh? Although, it has been 70 degrees here in Atlanta for several days now, so I’m in no hurry for January to end 😉

Are you keeping up with your resolutions? (If you made any, that is. I have to say I’m pretty disappointed in myself. I am just really half-assing it right now. I’m doing OK with not spending money wastefully, but my eating habits are awry. Part of that is because I’m trying to eat all the food we already had in the house, rather than buying more food. And a lot of what we had in the house is PASTA. Mmmm, carbs.

But what I wanted to talk about here today is social media. Facebook, specifically. I’ve done a good job staying away from it this month. I do check in now and then, to make sure I’m getting all the notifications for my volunteer work and to see if I have any “important” notifications, but that’s truly been it. And I have to say that I’m really enjoying it! It so doesn’t matter if I miss out on someone’s news or a funny post. Like it totally doesn’t matter at all. Plus I really don’t need to get any kind of validation from other’s people’s comments on my own posts. In fact, I feel a bit happier not looking at Facebook at all. I’ve seen more and more articles about how comparison sucks the joy out of life, and social media is the worst kind of comparison since everyone is curating these false little perfect moments to share. I didn’t realize how bad it was making me feel about myself!

I have no plans to delete my account, because I like that it does allow me to stay in touch with people, and because I have so many pictures saved there. What I did already was go through my Friends list and unfollow a lot of people. It felt good! There were so many random people from old jobs that I wasn’t even really friends with to begin with – why do I need to keep up with whether they’ve sold their condo or had another kid? Same with people from high school that I legitimately don’t remember, or former neighbors that I was following only to keep up with gossip.

I also have no plans to get off of Instagram. I ❤ Instagram. For some reason, those curated moments don’t bother me in the same way as Facebook does. It could be that I don’t follow a lot of personal contacts, but use it more for inspiration and ideas. For awhile now I’ve only been posting on Instagram, not Facebook, anyway, and I enjoy looking back at my photos to remember my year.

So I think that after this month, I’ll continue to mostly avoid Facebook. I hid it from myself on my phone, so I’ll probably go ahead and delete it. It was mostly just a time-suck anyway

How social are you online? Do you enjoy Facebook, Instagram, Twitter? Pinterest is life, though, am I right???



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