3 thoughts on “Let’s Get Personal: I’m Jealous of You

  1. I’ve tried to avoid Facebook because it feels like information overload, filled with stuff I don’t care about, posted by people I don’t care about. Even though I follow a lot of news sites like the BBC, NPR, The Atlantic and so on, so much of the stuff I see is just garbage and I hate having my mind filled with that.
    I deleted the app before too, but I do animal rescue and I use Facebook to promote the cats at the shelter where I volunteer, so that only lasted a few days. There’s no winning here!
    I often need mini breaks during the day (I work from home too) so I go to Facebook then, but I need to stop doing it so much. Do you read Ask a Manager? It’s a blog where people write in about work/career issues, and I find that to be more productive because I can learn something while also taking a break from work.
    As far as being jealous, so many people post photos of their kids, and it just makes me relieved that I don’t have/don’t want kids. I guess it’s all about who you’re friends with on there! The people who “get my goat”the most are unfollowed so their stuff doesn’t show in my feed.

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    • Oy, I so agree with the useless info overload that Facebook has become. I know I’ll still use it on my computer, but not having it giving me alerts all day has got to be a good thing.

      I will definitely check out Ask a Manager! Thanks for the tip 🙂

      I’m completely with you on the don’t have/don’t want kids thing. For me, it’s more why-didn’t-I-get-invited or when-am-I-going-to-Croatia??? It’s just stupid to compare my life to anyone’s, but there’s some teenage remnant of myself getting her feelings her and being jealous of people. Lame!


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