Project 445

I really have enjoyed keeping this blog over the past 10 months. It’s been interesting to track my progress against my goals, and to remind myself of the things I value. I’ve also come to realize what a gift it is to have the time and the energy to work towards my goals and to be introspective. I didn’t understand what a controlled setting I had cultivated for myself until I threw it so off track. And then life/fate/the universe came along and knocked off a little bit further. Recent months have found me just struggling to keep my head above water. In a recent post, I laughed at myself for being so wound up about my New Year’s Resolutions; I couldn’t even relate to the person who had created them and then so dutifully followed up on them with each new month.

But now the dust is starting to settle and I can sort of see the glint of the light at the end of the tunnel. (OMG, please forgive the multitude of clichés in this post! My brain is too tired to come up with anything original.) Jack and I are starting to talk about getting back into a healthier routine. We both are waaay more productive in the mornings than we are after work, and we’ve been pretty good about waking up early. Still, almost every day, we’re like, what just happened to our morning! How did two hours go by so quickly?!? How are we supposed to find the time to drink coffee, check out the news, feed and walk the pups, maybe squeeze in some lovin’, shower/get dressed/make breakfast and lunches and then get out the door on time?!?!?!?!

Here’s how: We’re going to start getting up at 4:45. (!!!) It’s a little bit painful just to type it. But I know it will be SO worth it! Few things make us feel better than accomplishing a ton of stuff before we actually start working. Yes, I’m sure we’ll be checking our emails and putting together our to-do lists and probably even doing some “real” work, but we’ll also give ourselves at least two hours before we have to take care of the dogs. (The dog routine is looong: three pups, one of whom takes multiple medications, different foods, different walking/pooping habits. It’s a good 30 minutes.)

Another benefit is that if I have to get up that early, I will be heading to bed early too. That means fewer opportunities to get into trouble, aka, drinking and/or eating too much 🙂

We’re supposed to be starting this Monday. I’ll let you know how it turns out…

Do you think I’m crazy? What’s your morning routine like? Do you take some time for yourself or sleep til the last second and rush to work?


7 thoughts on “Project 445

  1. I’m a 450 gal. You can do it!! And it really will improve your life in so many ways! Weight, booze, stress…Best wishes! But you’re right, the whole key is to get to bed early. (I am in bed by 930, asleep by 931)

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