Project Downsize: End Result

We’ve been settling into our new home for about a week and a half now, and so far, we’re really pleased. It already feels so much more like a real home than our townhouse did. The townhouse was spacious and shiny and new, but it lacked warmth and charm. It was exactly what we needed after the antique money pit we’d previously owned, but we always knew it was a short-term place to stay.

We struggled with this home-buying process, due to some mind-changing and some bad luck. We went from looking at 1000sf condos to almost buying a 4000sf luxury behemoth. We found this house by accident, after needing to turn around when we drove past the house we’d come to view. We were worried that we were maybe just settling on this, after having three other houses fall through during negotiations, and after wasting more $$$ than I care to admit living in a hotel. This house didn’t come without its issues either; the appraisal came in low, and we had to deal with the removal of about two dozen bats from the attic (don’t worry – no bats were harmed, and as far as I know, no one became a vampire).

But here we are, living in my home town that I never once imagined I’d move back to. And as it turned out, we ended up downsizing after all. This house is about 1800sf, which seems pretty perfect for two people who both worked mostly from home and need to have separate spaces to do so. The neighbors are so friendly – they’ve brought over cookies and a pound cake, loaned us some tools, introduced us to their dogs, and even surprised us with some free landscaping. We’re close – but not too close – to my parents, which I know will be really helpful as they’re getting older and need our help more often. the town has changed so much in the 20+ years since I graduated from high school. It’s much more diverse, with multiple tech business bringing in a global population. There are tons of new restaurants and places to shop, and the park system is amazing.

At one point during the summer, when we’d gotten bad news on yet another house and I was feeling frustrated, a friend said something along the lines of don’t-worry-everything-happens-for-a-reason. It totally annoyed me and I just laughed. I really don’t believe in that line of thinking, but I do believe in making the best out of things. Finding this house, while not fate or “God’s will” or anything, was absolutely serendipitous. It was a happy accident (so far, at least!). It wasn’t something we ever would have imagined we’d want, but here we are, feeling content, and looking forward to lots of home projects (and hopefully not moving for a good long while).


6 thoughts on “Project Downsize: End Result

  1. So great that you guys found a home that meets your needs, and has you feeling settled. Our house is also about 1800 square feet, and we also both work from home — we find the space to work well (though we may still downsize in the future — TBD!). Congrats!

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