September in Review

We’ve made it to October. My favorite month! So far it’s just been hectic and rainy, but that should change soon. I feel like September flew by. Between being stuck in the hotel (for six weeks, ugh) and being slammed at work, I don’t even know what happened. Honestly, I’m glad it was such a blur. I’m generally a fan of savoring my time, but this has been such a rough few months.

I was just reading my revised goals and my thoughts on them in September, and for the first time this year, I feel so removed from those goals. This blog has done wonders for keeping me on track, but I’m almost laughing at myself right now. I know it’s just because I’ve been so busy and have zero time to think about accomplishing anything else, but I look at what I wrote last month and I can’t even relate.

I do have some low key goals for the fall and for life in our new home. Overall, I’m committed to being healthier than I have been recently. I’m anxious to get out and find lots of fun running routes in our little town. I’m so happy we have a real kitchen again and can cook at home. I’m considering joining a CSA so I can really eat locally. But mostly, right now I’m just trying to get through each day without screwing up something at work. I can’t even think about decorating our house, which is the fun part of moving!

Overall, September wasn’t a failure. I didn’t make much progress, but I also didn’t completely fall off the wagon. Here’s to a more productive (and fun!) October!


8 thoughts on “September in Review

  1. I also want to get healthier, I think that is such a good goal for fall, because you don’t want to go into winter feeling “meh” about yourself. I’m starting my eating more veggies and doing more yoga and cardio, in addition to the regular gym.


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