August in Review

Happy September! Happy almost-fall!

I always feel relief when August is over. I’ve made an effort to enjoy summer more the past few years, but the truth is, it’s just too hot and too long down here in Atlanta. Yes, September means it’s not that long until it’s getting dark at 5pm and we’re freezing when we get out of bed in the morning (to run in the dark, no less), but it also means the best month of the year (I’m looking at you, October) is so so close. It means there will be a break in the humidity, that it’s time for football, that we can start anticipating the holiday season. It’s that precious time right before the good stuff, like the last couple of days at work before a vacation. I love it 🙂

August was exhausting. A weekend trip to Indiana for a wedding, lots of packing and cleaning, trying to dig my way out of the total confusion that is my new job, moving, house hunting, and lots and lots of running (to keep me from going crazy). We’ve been in a hotel for 10 days now, and we have no prospects for a new house. I’ve been to hot yoga twice since we got here, and it’s been damn amazing. I had forgotten how good it makes me feel (and how challenging it is!). I’ll definitely be incorporating it into my workouts moving forward.

I’m happy to check my progress against my slightly-revised goals:

  • Learn to do a handstand: I think I’m going to have to accept that this won’t get done. My wrists are really weak 😦 I also need to work on my balance. The good news is that yoga will certainly help. Maybe I will be able to do a headstand or something instead…
  • Continue to pay down debt: We’re doing well here. The money we made from the sale of our townhouse really helped, for sure. We’re on-track here.
  • Continue running and possibly do another half-marathon: Also on-track here! I’ve been running a LOT. I’m doing shorter distance but running more often (like almost every day). I think we’re going to do a 15k trail race in November, so it’s time to start hitting some trails.
  • Sell our house and figure out what’s next (condo, cabin, lake house, who knows…): Sale = done! Figure out what’s next, um, TBD here. We were really close, again, to buying a house, but couldn’t agree on terms with the sellers. We’re considering buying a condo or another, smaller townhouse, something that we could live in for six months to a year and then rent out when we find something better. We’re going to look this week at some condo neighborhoods. I know we’re all over the place with this. I guess the moral of the story is, if we’re going to buy something closer to the top of our price range, we aren’t willing to make a lot of compromises.
  • Drink less: Fail, fail, fail. I blame the stress. And girls just want to have fun!
  • Go to counseling with my husband: Also fail. But we’ve been talking a lot, and being kinder to each other. And having at least half of our move finished is helping a lot 🙂
  • Continue to write here: I haven’t been writing as much, since I’ve been in kind of a lousy mood for much of the month. I haven’t wanted to bore anyone with that. And I haven’t had much inspiration; I feel more like I’m just getting by right now. But I’m enjoying reading all of your blogs, and I’m compiling lots of ideas for future posts, when I’m feeling more positive.
  • Eat better. (Lose 10 pounds.): Ugh, major fail. My thoughts are that between the chaos of my new job and our move, I can’t even deal with being on a diet (or drinking less, for that matter). It’s like that’s my reward for all the stress. I’m trying to be accepting of this and the fact that I’m just heavier than I want to be right now, but it’s not forever.
  • Volunteer more: Fail. Our weekends have been slammed with packing/moving/house hunting/working. Yes, it’s an excuse. I think I am also feeling like I need to protect my chill time as much as possible. I’ll get back on track with this once we’re settled.

So for September, I’m going to keep running, keep hot yoga-ing, keep trying to eat more healthfully, keep house hunting, keep learning at work. This weekend is football! I’m excited to go to the Chick-fil-a Kickoff game here in Atlanta to root for Louisville (go Cards!). Hopefully we can do a hike or trail run on Labor Day. I have two trips to Dallas planned, for work, so I’m looking forward to meeting my clients and my team there. I’m praying we’ll find a place to live that works for us. Hotel living is NOT good for the whole pay-down-debt thing. I’ll be working on staying positive and strong and healthy, and looking forward to October 🙂

How was your summer? What are your goals for the fall?


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