Decision Fatigue?

I’ve been avoiding this space recently. I have written a couple of posts and ended up throwing them away, since they mostly ended up sounding really whiny. My thoughts have generally been pretty whiny as of late. I’m over myself right now!

We are set to close on the sale of our home this Thursday and will be moving into a hotel the next day. I’ve been well aware that this date is approaching, but the reality is sinking in and is starting to concern me. After the deal fell through on our first potential house, the search continues – we’ve looked at too many to count and were in negotiations on one, but things got weird and the listing agent was acting really shady. So we walked away from that one before wasting any more time (and money!).

It’s sort of been interesting, watching myself unravel a bit through this process. On the one hand, Jack and I are prepared for this move as we have been for no other. We could have moved out this past weekend, we are so packed up and organized. We have basically nothing to do this entire week, until the movers come Friday morning. Who can say that? I’m thinking it’s because this is the one thing we actually have control over, so we’ve been over the top with it.

But other than packing up, the rest of our lives feels up in the air. I think we are both suffering from decision fatigue, as well as feeling unmoored. As our home search has expanded, we’re starting to wonder whether we should buy an older home to renovate, so we can get closer to what we want. But if we’re already tired of deciding things, would that be a smart move? We have a friend who builds and renovates houses, so he would be a great partner and would surely help us to narrow down our choices. But can we handle six months in a rental, with our stuff in boxes? Would we destroy our marriage by having to choose the exact right backsplash or the most perfect paint colors? Is now a good time to even make the decision to make a bunch more other decisions? I don’t know! Work is draining me, not finding a new house is draining me, thinking of all the money we’re going to waste in our temporary quarters is draining me most of all…

What was that I said at the beginning, about being whiny? Ugh.

Have you had any experience with building/renovating a home? Is the process worth it?ย 


9 thoughts on “Decision Fatigue?

  1. Poor girl! I feel for you! We built our current house 15 years ago. It went well b/c I agreed to most of the things my husband wanted to do. When there was something I felt really strongly about, I’d say it and he’d go along with it. At the same time, I was pregnant with our second. We were supposed to move in months before her birth….but you guessed it:Delays. and we wound up moving in 10 days before she was born. It was actually a nice way to move in. I didn’t have to do much at all!

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