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I am assuming, if you are reading blogs here on WordPress, that you enjoy reading. Personally, I tend to be reading two or three books at a time, plus whatever fun articles my friends are sending me, plus a bajillion different blogs. Oh, and magazines, as I have a little bit of a problem saying no when my niece is selling subscriptions for her school’s fundraiser.

I do enjoy reading real, live books – from the library, from my mom, from the rare occasion I purchase one from the store. I also enjoy getting books from Amazon on my Kindle app for my iPad and my Galaxy 5. The biggest issue I have with buying books is that I am a very, very fast reader. I hate spending $20 on a book that I’m going to finish in a couple of days. I also find myself slogging through not-very-enjoyable books just because I paid for them.

Because of this, I was so, so excited to discover (no affiliate link; I just love them). For $10 a month, you have access to hundreds of thousands of books for download. You also have the option to purchase newer books, should you so desire. I know Amazon Prime has a similar offering, but Amazon already gets enough of my $$$ (and my data!).

I’ve been very pleased with the selection and the app itself. Not only can I go back and forth between a few books at a time, I can also give up on books I’m just not that into. I can read what most fits my mood in the moment. Some books I’ve really enjoyed this summer include Holding Silvan (be prepared to cry your eyes out), You Are Dying and Your World is a Lie (actually a lot more fun than it sounds), and Left Neglected. There is a great selection of books for every category, and they offer tons of recommendations. I love this: 16 Books You Say You’ve Read (But Haven’t).

I also have a monthly membership to, which covers one audio book each month. I’ve actually just suspended it, since I have a backlog of downloads to catch up on. I’m a faster reader than I am a listener, apparently. It’s linked with my Amazon wish list, which is convenient. I love listening to books on road trips and long runs, when reading an actual book is frowned upon.

What are you reading this summer? Do you like this type of subscription service?


7 thoughts on “Get You Some:

  1. Great post! Guess I must just be an old F_RT, b/c I never knew about book subscription services. I will look into Oyster. I have always been an old-fashion hold -the -book – in – my – hand type of reader. But I’m starting to be irritated by the clutter that books represent. (And believe me, I give them away, or donate all the time) $10/month and no clutter sounds awesome!!
    I have started my own blog about running and travel. If you have a chance sometime, I hope you can visit.


    • I completely get the whole hold-the-book-in-my-hand thing. It took me forever to give the Kindle app a try, and then I gradually got OK with it. I still prefer a real book and I love that my mom is always passing on her books to me. But I have found Oyster to be 100% worth the money!

      And I’m now following your blog 🙂 I mean, travelling, running + style = ❤


  2. I definitely cannot justify buying books, and always go to the library. Recently I’ve been taking advantage of the “Little Free Library” stands around random neighborhoods. Give a book, take a book. It’s fun to find random ones!


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