Lose 10: Update #1

I missed my first Lose 10 by Summer’s End update on Monday! I am still trying to get into a routine now that I’ve started my new job. I’ve also spent every morning getting caught up on loan paperwork or emails from my team in India. Not much time for blogging 😦

Overall, the first ten days of my Lose 10 plan have been decent. Since my new job gives me a lot of flexibility on where I work, I’m no longer sitting in an office all day. This means there are no second lunches or ridiculous afternoon snacks that resulted from meeting leftovers or company “rewards.” Another thing working to my advantage is that Jack and I are in the process of being crazy-frugal in the month before our move. We aren’t going out to eat or ordering pizza. We’re trying to eat all the food in our pantry and freezer, only buying fresh produce, and so far that has been very healthy (hello, beans and rice!).

So, for the first week, I think I lost about half a pound. Not good enough, but I’m cutting myself a break because 1) my boss was in town and insisted on taking us out for delicious lunches and dinners, always with dessert (I know, poor me), and 2) I am still getting the hang of this caloric density approach. What I’ve learned so far:

My weight fluctuates a lot over the course of a week. Last week, it was as high as 131.4 and as low as 128.2. I’m going to try to keep track of it daily and be a nerd and plot it on a graph, so I can hopefully see the overall trend line going in the direction I’d like.

The caloric density approach is extremely appealing to me, because I like to eat; I often eat to the point of feeling stuffed; and I truly enjoy veggies. But. This takes some getting used to. First, the fiber. So. Much. Fiber. I’m so bloated from all the fiber, who knows if I’m losing weight or not. People have told me that my body will adjust, but I’ve tried high fiber in the past, and my body never gets used to it. Instead, I’m playing around with the times I eat certain food. Like, for example, roasted broccoli and cauliflower, while very delicious, are not a smart choice for my breakfast.

Another issue I’m wondering about is whether it’s a challenge to truly feel satisfied with a much lower fat diet. I pretty much always ate low fat until we tried a low carb diet about a year ago, and I honestly did enjoy all the butter, cream, and coconut oil we added to our meals then. I used to be sooo careful about the amount of oil I used, but I’ve gotten away from that since our low carb experiment. And I can definitely tell the difference in my weight, so there’s no doubt I need to get back to the little-to-no oil approach. But I’m finding myself, even after eating a huge salad plus beans and rice and two pieces of fruit, still wanting something else. I usually end having a small piece (or three) of chocolate. I’d like to find a better substitute. One night I made “nice cream” out of blended frozen bananas and cherries, and it was amazing. I need more stuff like that.

As with most diets, planning is crucial for success. I’ve been taking a big ol’ salad for lunch when I do go into the office. I’m stocking up on tons of fresh veggies so I won’t eat cereal or cheese sandwiches. I’m devoted  I’m also cooking large amounts of food so I’ll have leftovers. I love me some leftovers 🙂 Another aspect of planning is what to do when I’m out for work or we’re entertaining. Going out with clients means I will most likely eat fattening foods. It’s hard to avoid: you want the client to feel comfortable ordering what they want, and you don’t want anyone to feel guilty for enjoying themselves. In that case, planning ahead means maybe skipping a meal or doing a couple of extra miles. I want to be able to be flexible with this diet.

The most important thing I’ve learned over the past ten days is to be mindful of what I’m eating. Or maybe it’s more to be mindful that I am eating. And maybe I don’t need to be.


2 thoughts on “Lose 10: Update #1

  1. Commonly, people looking to lose weight place most or all of the emphasis on diet. I instructed my patients to ONLY begin a nutrition plan they could continue for the rest of their lives. Over 95% try low fat, high fat, high protein, low carb, etc… without long term improvement. I do not want to take up too much space, but you will find articles I’ve written under the tab “Obesity” addressing all the components to successfully achieve long term weight loss WITHOUT deprivation. Even though your not obese, the approach to health (which results in weight loss) parallels the game plan. My site is https://AllAboutHealthyChoices.wordpress.com.

    I DO NOT sell anything so please do not view this as self promotion. After looking at some of these articles, feel free to contact me with any questions. I came from a family with obese issues and therefore developed a real desire to help people with all sorts of weight management problems.

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