Lose 10 by Summer’s End

As usual, my weight is creeping up this summer. I’m not sure why I’m different from most people – I lose weight in the winter and gain it in the summer. Great timing! Thanks, body 😦 It’s something to do with brown fat vs white fat or some other science-y thing like that.

My weight has always fluctuated, both seasonally and because of my (lack of) motivation. With about two months left until the official start of fall, I’m setting a goal of losing ten pounds by then. I do feel like I’m a little ahead of the game; generally it’s October before I realize I’ve put on some weight and start trying to lose it. I also don’t usually set a specific goal; I’m more like, well, I guess I should be on a diet again…

I’m also quick to blame any gain on the addition of muscle rather than me just adding some chunk. I know I overestimate the amount of muscle I put on. I’ve never done any strict, long-term lifting, but when I do get on a schedule, my body is pretty good about adding muscle quickly. But I’m pretty sure it’s more like a pound, not the three or four I tend to attribute to the lifting.

So, what’s different this time?

  • I’ve “made it real” by publishing it here.
  • I’ve set a tougher and more specific goal for myself.
  • I’ve got a firm deadline.
  • I’m going to try a new method of eating: caloric density.

I officially started yesterday at a weight of 129.8. Let’s just call that 130. Which, on my frame, is a lot. I start getting uncomfortable above 125. I’m pretty happy at 120. The first official day of fall is September 23, so I’ve got a little over two months. About a pound a week. That might not seem so bad, but I am horrible at staying on a diet. I know that holding myself accountable here each week is going to make a big difference. I’ll weigh-in each Monday and will be telling you about the new wardrobe I need to buy for fall since I’ll be so skinny 😉

Please share any diet motivation tips & tricks!


7 thoughts on “Lose 10 by Summer’s End

  1. Good luck! I know that you’ll kill this goal. 🙂
    I don’t really have any tips… since I’m one that struggles myself… but make sure that you don’t make anything too restrictive or it won’t stick… allow yourself “cheats”… and try to make it a lifestyle change, instead of a diet… so that it stays off…

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    • I appreciate your confidence in me! For whatever reason, losing weight is crazy-hard for me. It’s definitely a challenge to find that balance with being too restrictive and allowing myself too many cheats. Also, cocktails don’t help much 😉

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