June 2015 Resolution Check-In

The first half of the year is in the books! I do feel like time is flying, but thinking back to when I started this blog in January… that was kind of forever ago. Each month, when I do these reviews, I tend to get down on myself, and focus on all the things I haven’t accomplished. I want to change the tone this month, and for the rest of the year, and focus more on what I have done, like my friend allroundbetterme.

I’ve done some “big stuff” this year. I ran a half-marathon (finally!). We listed our house (and are currently under contract – fingers crossed!). I start a new job on Monday. I’ve been writing here regularly. I turned 40 (!!!). We’ve been much more mindful about our travel, taking more meaningful and less frequent trips. I even went horseback riding on the beach, which has been a dream of mine for pretty much forever.

I had a lot more motivation in June than I did in May. I ran or worked out at least five days a week, even on vacation. My mood has been pretty good, but that probably has a lot to do with giving my notice at work and spending a week at the beach 🙂 I did a decent job with eating well, but I drank more that I should have, what with pool days, my birthday, goodbye parties, vacation. We’ve also continued to spend more money than we should, but are getting more committed to pulling back there.

What I’m learning about myself is when there is a clear goal, such as “complete a race” or “find a new job,” I seem to do pretty well. It also helps that these goals are finite. What is tougher is less exact goals, like “be less anal” or “start a meditation practice.” These are things that I can’t just accomplish and check off the list. They are life changes, or even personality changes.

For the second half of the year, I do still want to:

  • Learn to do a handstand.
  • Continue to pay down debt.
  • Continue running and possibly do another half-marathon.
  • Sell our house and figure out what’s next (condo, cabin, lake house, who knows…)
  • Drink less.
  • Go to counseling with my husband.
  • Continue to write here.
  • Eat better. (Lose 10 pounds.)
  • Volunteer more.

As far as being less anal and more empathetic goes, this just hasn’t been bothering me the same way it did at the beginning of the year. Part of this is because of the changes at work. I was able to loosen up a bit, hand off some of my projects, hire some really good people, and accept that not everyone has the same standards as I do – and that’s not a bad thing at all. I’ve also been more conscious of how I deal with my husband. He and I are such different people. We have a lot to work on, but we’re so committed to each other and our marriage that I know we’ll continue to try hard.

My goals for the summer:

  • Lose 10 pounds. For real. Doesn’t matter how I do it, just matters that I do. This will be done by September.
  • Do a volunteer project. Just one. It will get the ball rolling. This will be done by September.
  • Continue my Motivation Monday posts.
  • Pay off one of our two remaining credit cards. This will be done by September.
  • Run at least three days a week. Lift weights at least two days. Continue the handstand efforts.
  • Move. If everything goes according to plan (big if, I know), we’ll have to move out of our current home in mid-August.
  • Enjoy the summer! Be outside as much as possible. Float down the river. Go hiking in the mountains. Cookout often.

Happy Independence Day weekend to all my American friends!


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