Motivation Monday: Morning Rituals

Greetings from Jekyll Island!

Jack and I are here to celebrate my – wait for it – 40th birthday! I can’t believe it’s actually here. But that’s another post…

Being in the hotel has reminded me yet again how much I value our morning routine at home. I was always a sleep-til-the-last-possible-minute person, until I’d lived with Jack for several years. I thought he was crazy for getting up early, to give himself time to drink coffee, check the news, exercise, whatever. I think he started it when his children were young, and it was his only time for some peace and quiet. He continued his routine after his marriage ended, and into our relationship.

I’m not sure when exactly I started to join him in rising a bit earlier than needed. I know that when I was in grad school and still working in restaurants, I was still sleeping until 8:30 for a 9:30 shift. It must have started after I started working in an office again and had to sit in traffic each morning, and after we had three dogs to feed and walk.

I’m also not sure when I started to add in a workout. But over the past few years, I’ve gone from sleeping until the last minute to getting up at 5am when I don’t leave for work until 8:20. And I love it. I wouldn’t change it. I’ve recently started waking up early on Saturdays (maybe at 6 instead of 5 though), and I’m ready to do it on vacation too. We slept until after 7 this morning, and I was bummed that I missed the sunrise and the cooler temps.

I never thought I would call myself a morning person, but that’s exactly what I’ve become. I’ve been seeing a lot of blog posts lately about morning rituals and wanted to chime in on them. I’m someone who can honestly say that I made a change, that I changed my nature. I go to bed early, I get as much sleep as I can, and I wake up at 5am (one day this week I got up at 4:30 and loved it!) and I’m so much better at life as a result.

If you’re a regular reader here, you already know I’m no saint. I love going out and staying up late and eating and drinking too much. Like I said, being a morning person is not necessarily in my nature. But it’s worth it to give up some of that to feel more in control, to have time for myself each morning, to be responsible first thing each day. And let’s be honest, if I run and clean house in the morning, I don’t have to do it at night, which leaves more time for cocktails J

Our morning ritual involves making coffee, cleaning up whatever mess we left from the previous night, drinking said coffee, feeding/medicating/walking three senior, high-maintenance doggies, going to the gym or working out downstairs or heading out for a run. We might have a banana before our run, but generally we make breakfast to take with us to eat in our cars on the way to work. We sometimes make our lunches, but hopefully our nighttime selves were nice to our morningtime selves and took care of that already. Possibly the most important part of our morning ritual is the time, peace, and quiet, for a morning poop. I tried to think of a delicate way to say that, but whatevs. A daily “evacuation” is pretty much mandatory if I’m gonna have a good day.

So yeah, there’s no yoga or meditation. Maybe there’s a cup of green tea, but generally it’s coffee with too much cream. I swear by some sparkling water with apple cider vinegar to keep my immune system up, but that’s about as hippie/new-agey as I’m getting. I always make the bed, try to do the dishes, and leave the house in a state that I’m happy to come home to.

I encourage you to start thinking about your own morning ritual. Here’s a little inspiration, but I say, think about what makes you feel happy, strong, and in control, and try to add that to each day.


7 thoughts on “Motivation Monday: Morning Rituals

  1. Great post! I’m so happy to be a morning person, it’s just my natural biorhythm. But in summer I have to go to bad a little later, so I get up at 6:30 or 7 (instead of 6) to have a sound 8-hour sleep.


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