Motivation Monday

I’m starting this week off with a bit of inspiration!

I enjoy Matt Frazier’s No Meat Athlete blog and podcasts. I was happy this morning to wake up to some great motivation in my inbox, advice on finally making a change in your life. I’ll let you read his list on your own, but I’m really thinking about this one:

8. Increase the pain, fear, and guilt you associate with the way things are — instead of doing what most people do, which is everything they can to ignore or soften the pain. – See more at:

This is absolutely a habit of mine, a coping mechanism. I try hard to not feel pain, fear and guilt. I try to ignore those feelings, or to numb myself with booze. I can see this as a slippery slope though. I don’t want to berate myself and make myself feel worse about my shortcomings/failures. But I also don’t want to drink my feelings away. Something to be mindful of this summer…

I can vouch that #7 works: Start a blog or podcast about your change, and share it with everyone you know. Instant accountability. – See more at:

Putting together my list of resolutions at the beginning of this year and revisiting them at the end of each month has been an amazing source of motivation. It not only makes my wishes more real to have them living out there in the WordPress world, it also reminds me to stay focused and of what changes I really want to make in my life. I’ve completed my half-marathon, found a new job, and planned more meaningful travel this year. I’ve also started Project Downsize, done a lot of planking, and finished a 31 day writing challenge. I might have done these things without a blog, but writing about my goals made them much more real, and sharing my progress is fun and provides me with even more motivation.

What are you goals for this week? This summer? What inspires you to make a change?


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