I Got a New Job!

I can check another goal off my resolutions list: I accepted a role at another company! I can’t even begin to tell you what an emotional roller coaster this decision has been. I really love where I work – it’s a wonderful place that consistently gets voted in the top five places to work in Atlanta. I love my team, and my boss has been awesome about letting me change my role so that I could continue to grow. Writing that makes me feel like I’m a little bit crazy to leave. I’ve been feeling that way all week, since I received the offer.

It was agonizing to make this decision. My director spent about two hours trying to talk me out of it, promising me the moon. My team was so upset when we told them I was leaving that my boss sent everyone home early. I can’t tell you how touched I was. This has been one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make.

So why am I leaving such a great job at such a supportive company?

  • I’m ready for a new challenge.
  • Some people on my team are driving me crazy and I have been having a tough time staying nice to them.
  • It takes a looong time to get a promotion.
  • I want more flexibility in my schedule.
  • I am too comfortable there.

I 100% believe that the only way to grow is to put myself into uncomfortable situations. (Not dangerous, just outside my comfort zone.) This job will put me in front of clients, which kind of terrifies me. I will have to present to them on a regular basis, and will be responsible for managing the overall relationship. This is quite different from what I’ve been doing for the last few years, since I’ve been the client. I’ll also be traveling a bit. I’ll be flying by myself (!!!), which is going to be a huge challenge, but a fear I must face. I’m taking a chance on this role, on leaving my current job, so that I can 1) face some fears head on, 2) learn about a totally different side of my industry, and 3) take advantage of the flexibility this job offers. There will a lot more working from home, which means I’m getting back a minimum of an hour and a half of my day! And fingers crossed we will sell our house soon and buy our little cabin in the mountains. How great would it be to work from cabin 🙂

The next three weeks will be so bittersweet. Lots of wrapping up loose ends, handing off my projects, and saying goodbye. (Although, in all honesty, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if I didn’t end up back there in a few years.) I do feel a little bit nuts for doing this, and I’m very much afraid I’m making a huge mistake. But it’s a chance I know I need to take, and one that I’m really excited about.


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