Summer Runnin’

Running in the hot weather is so different from running when it’s cool/cold outside. This was the first winter I kept up with my running, knowing I had the half-marathon in mid-April. It was a great motivational tool and one I’ll be using again.

Yesterday was my first really hot-and-sweaty run of the season, and I forgot how good it feels! It’s such a different challenge from piling on the miles in the winter. Instead of waiting until the sun is up and doing its best to warm the air, we try to hide from the sun and find a shady route. We’d planned on doing a trail run along the river, but time got away from us so we stayed close to home. This limits our options for shade – there is pretty much only one way to go, and it’s super hilly. Brutally hilly. But: for the first time since I started running this route two years ago, I crushed it. I ran all the hills. And my pace was really strong for me, for the heat, for the hills, for the extra five pounds I’m lugging around. I made those hills my bitch 😉

It wasn’t easy, and I got a little overheated. I forgot how good it feels to sweat like that though. It’s so cleansing. Don’t get me wrong – it kicked my butt. My legs were already sore from three gym days this week, and they were destroyed after the run. As good as it feels to sweat like that, it’s also exhausting. We then had to madly clean/organize/style our house for a showing (which turned out to be for today, oops), so after that I was fried. I fell asleep in the sun at the pool, which for a horrible napper like myself, is no easy feat.

I was really excited to have the strength and the lungs to finish that run the way I did. As I’ve written here, I have had very little motivation or discipline since I finished training for the half. I have barely run more than a couple of miles since then, so to take on those four hilly miles was not something I was excited about. I was shocked to have a breakthrough run the way I did. It’s made me so much more enthusiastic about running this summer. We are registered for a 10k on July 4th, and after yesterday, I’m feeling pretty good about it. Running has been feeling like a chore lately. I’m hoping I’m moving past that now.

Do you prefer warm weather or cool weather runs? What are you fitness goals for this summer?


3 thoughts on “Summer Runnin’

  1. I try to run every day in the forest. It’s a spruce-and-pine forest and it’s extremely hilly too. So I find it very challenging to run up and down 5-6 km in the evening, since in the afternoon it’s too hot to even walk in it, despite the fact it’s rather shady due to high spruces and giant pines 🙂

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