Asheville is Love

This past week, Jack and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary in Asheville, NC. We rented a wonderful little cabin just outside the city, tucked away in the woods. It was sort of like having two vacations in one: our secluded, cozy cabin, complete with firepit and hot tub and bears (oh my!), and a fun, bustling, tourist-y city for eating and drinking and indulging. Really, we felt a little pressure to do EVERYTHING, so it wasn’t the most relaxing trip. But. We had so much fun together!

We only were able to do one hike because of Jack’s continuing post-race Achilles issue. We spent a few hours on the Mountains-to-Sea trail and enjoyed the awesome mountain views, wildflowers, and rocky terrain. We walked around downtown Asheville a bit, but felt overwhelmed by the tourists. So many people told me how much I’d looooove Asheville – but honestly, I was surprised by how many tourists there were. Yes, of course, I was one of them. But Jack and I tend to go for more “authentic” (local?) experiences, so we didn’t love some of the spots that were recommended to us.

We did have some amazing eats and drinks. We used a recent Bon Appetit article and some local recommendations to make our choices. If you ever go, listen to the hype and eat at Cúrate. One of the best meals of my life! We had an early lunch there on Saturday in order to beat the crowds. We then were lucky enough to have an appointment at Wake, a foot spa (!!!). We soaked our feet and drank tea and had neck and shoulder massages. We felt crazy-spoiled.

We then proceeded to drink! (Thank goodness for Uber.) We bar hopped and brewery hopped and went back to our cabin with a pizza. We stayed up late in the hot tub and drank even more. It was such a good mix of nature and city – I see why so many people love Asheville. It’s also a very dog friendly spot. Nearly every restaurant with a patio had water bowls and people had their pups everywhere. And I felt like we only scratched the surface; I’d love to go back when we had more time to travel around the area.

One of my goals for the year was to travel less often but more meaningfully. This was just a long weekend, and an easy drive from Atlanta, but it was so good for us. We’ve recently started a travel-only savings account, so it was nice to not worry about what we were spending because we’d already saved up for it. We also were pretty careful to balance our time between hiding out in our cabin and hanging out in the city. We talked the nights away, and really bonded with each other. We came home more in love than ever, so I’d say this was a meaningful, special trip 🙂


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