April 2015 Resolution Check-in

Can you believe it’s May already?!?!?!?!

April was a very busy month, I suppose. And it flew by! Time for my monthly check-in…

Resolution Progress

  1. Handstand: FAIL. I barely did a plank in April, as I was super focused on running, and then recovering from our race.
  2. Debt: MIXED. We started the month strong, tracking our daily spending and not indulging ourselves. The second half of the month, not so much. I did make a couple of extra payments on our credit card debt, at least.
  3. Being anal: Like last month, I’m not really feeling like this is an issue for me right now.
  4. Half-marathon: SUCCESS! Now I just need to get back into a better running/strength training routine.
  5. Downsize: SUCCESS. I cleaned out the kitchen cabinets, the downstairs closets, and the garage. I also started in my bathroom and closet, but that’s still a work-in-progress. We had our garage sale this morning. We made about $160 and got rid of more than I expected.
  6. Meditate: FAIL.
  7. Booze: FAIL.
  8. Counseling: Not currently a priority.
  9. Writing: SUCCESS. I am writing here less frequently but more thoughtfully. I’m still trying to decide what to focus on here 🙂
  10. Eating: MIXED. I didn’t lose any weight, but I’ve been eating more healthfully. I also made the switch back to vegetarianism, which makes me happy.
  11. Minimalism: See #5.
  12. Empathy: SUCCESS at home; FAIL at work.
  13. Volunteering: MIXED. I tried to donate blood again, but went to the wrong location. I did donate a fair amount to a local cause and to the Nepal earthquake victims.
  14. Travel: SUCCESS. I had a good trip to Portland. I learned a lot about myself. I will cover that in a future post.
  15. Job: SUCCESS. I’m making a lot of positive changes at my current job, and my role has really expanded. I’m also interviewing with another company, for a primarily work-from-home role.

Overall, I am feeling pleased about last month. For May, I’ll be focusing on continued healthy eating and getting rid of stuff at home. I’ll also make strength training a priority. Jack and I have a trip to Asheville planned for our 5th anniversary, so of course I’m excited about that 🙂

How is your spring going? What will you be doing now that it’s warm again?


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