Greetings from Portland!

I made it! My flight was just fine. Yes, I drank close to a bottle of champagne, downed some Xanax, and had a double vodka before I even got on the plane, but I GOT ON THE PLANE. By myself. It says a lot about my anxiety levels that I was still fully functional despite all that crap I put it my body. So much adrenaline!

I’m writing you from my hotel overlooking the Willamette River here in Portland. I woke up at 3:51am local time and just couldn’t get back to sleep. There is this amazing espresso machine in the lobby, so I made a triple latte and started my day. I walked across the Steel Bridge (doesn’t it sound like Game of Thrones?) to downtown and spent all morning wandering around. Then I walked over to my best friend’s house and spent the afternoon with her and her kids. Much fun! And I walked about nine miles without even really noticing.

I am taking a million photos but I’m writing on an iPad, which is so not compatible with my Android phone. Somehow I managed to leave my laptop AT WORK. ‘Cause, you know, I’m just here for a work conference and all 😦 Anyway, I’ll share some pics when I get home (God willing). I am eating very well, with stops today for coffee, biscuits, Indian street food, and ice cream (pear with blue cheese!). Portland is such a great city, so much creativity, and I love all the progressive ideas. Quite different from my Southern home town.

Hope you’ve had a great weekend! Thanks for everyone for your encouragement about my fear of flying. One down, one to go 🙂


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