Race Week!

It’s here: it’s the week of my first half-marathon. I’m nervous! But also kind of excited. Mostly I’m just looking forward to crossing the finish line 🙂

I’m taking good care of myself this week. I’m eating well (with extra carbs, how fun is that?), not drinking much, and going to bed very early (8:30 last night!). I have two work events, which is not the best timing: a dinner tonight and Top Golf on Thursday. So in between I will be extra healthy.

Since this is my first race of this distance, I don’t have any experience with how much I should be running this week. The various training plans are all over the place; some have you running just twice at three miles each, but others say I should do a four and five mile run leading up to Saturday. I’m going to primarily just take it easy and do some light workouts. Yesterday I walked on the treadmill and did some ab work and body weight exercises. This morning, if the rain will stop, I’m planning on jogging two or three miles. Then I’ll do another short run or walk on Thursday, and take Wednesday and Friday off.

Our race is Saturday morning, bright and early. It’s about 30 miles from our house; not too bad, but it makes for a very early morning. I’m a little nervous about that too, since our long runs have all been in the late morning/early afternoon, not at 7am (you try getting my husband out of the house before 10am on the weekend!). Anyway, I know I’ll be slow – I’m just hoping I won’t be the last one to finish 🙂 But even if I am, this will be still be a major accomplishment for me, and we can have an epic brunch afterwards!

Advice time: How do you prepare for longer runs? What’s your race week ritual?


7 thoughts on “Race Week!

  1. Hi there… Congrats on commiting to your first halfie, your awesome! Advice: stay off your legs as much as possible google up some tapper down tips I normaly let loose for a 30 to 45 min run 1 or 2 days before for some loosening and aadrenalin. Ps folkow my blog for some fun running related reads

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  2. Exciting! Race Week!
    Since I’ve never really followed a proper training plan for a half marathon, I can’t really speak from experience, but based on the stuff I’ve read, I’d definitely take it easy. Rest up, fuel up and keep loose. Don’t do anything out of the ordinary, and don’t push too hard at anything. Then, on race day, have fun! Enjoy the run and don’t worry about your time too much. You will do great!


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