Project Downsize: Condo Shopping & Garage Clean-out

Yesterday was really fun and productive! I might be a wee bit hungover this morning, but it’s guilt-free since I still got all my work done šŸ™‚

We started the day with a 10k run. This is the last long-ish run before next Saturday’s half-marathon. It was a pretty good run, and the longest distance I’ve done since my latest bout of cold/flu/food poisoning/immune system crash. I’m still totally freaked out about the race next week, but whatcha gonna do…

We ran through the part of town we’re most interested in moving to, and drove around to look at a couple of specific neighborhoods afterwards. It was a perfect spring day in Atlanta, and there were so many people out walking their dogs, exercising, and heading to the local farmers’ market. This is one of Atlanta’s few foot-friendly areas, and seeing everyone out and about made me excited to possibly live there. One dilemma we’re having is whether we’d want to do a high-rise condo or a small townhouse. I love the idea of the high-rise, but I’m pretty sure I would be miserable trying to take our three dogs up and down in the elevator twice a day. The townhouses are older and not the best-looking, but it would be much easier with the dogs, and they have little private backyard/patio areas. We could maybe get a hot tub!

After our run, we had mani/pedis and took a long nap. Then we tackled the garage. This was the big pile o’ stuff we were facing:


We had to decide what we wanted to try to sell on Craigslist and some of Jack’s hobby sites, what was trash/Goodwill, and what we’d save for next month’s garage sale. We only spent about an hour on this and accomplished a ton. This is the Craigslist pile, lots of home decor and small electronics/appliances:


And this is what we’ve got left for the garage sale:


Not pictured is our patio furniture, which we’ll hopefully be able to unload on Craigslist as well.

After the garage project, we got cleaned up and met some friends out for dinner. The food was disappointing, but I did have this drink:

20150411_190526A green cocktail! Freshly-juiced cucumber, basil, lime and vodka. Getting my vitamins along with a buzz šŸ˜‰

Advice time: Have you ever lived in a highrise? Did you miss your privacy?


5 thoughts on “Project Downsize: Condo Shopping & Garage Clean-out

  1. My husband and I went through a similar situation last year. We really wanted to get a high rise loft in the city but with 2 dogs and a baby it was just going to be too much. It’s such a tough decision though. Good luck in the house hunt and also in your half marathon!

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  2. Great job! That pile for Craigslist is impressive.

    As for the living situation, I’ve been moving the other direction… I was in a condo, then moved to a townhouse, and am now in a single family home… At the time, I loved the freedom a condo gave me because I could leave it for weeks at a time with no worries. I never felt any lack of privacy in my condo… in fact, it was much easier to be anonymous in the condo. However, I really liked the community feel of my townhouse and I love the yard that I have with my current home.

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    • That’s funny – we’re doing the exact opposite! Our first home was a single family home, but we found the yard work (and maintenance on a 90 year old house) overwhelming. I love the townhouse and hope we can find another one in our price range in the area we want – but just with about half as much space as we currently have. I like the idea of living in a highrise condo, but I just really worry about the noise and of course dealing with the dogs…

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