Project Downsize: Closet Cleanout

In my last post, I was feeling very upbeat about tackling some closets. I took care of the hall closet at the bottom of the stairs, and the closet in the office. I moved a ton of stuff out to the garage sale pile. And I even remembered to take pictures! Success all around šŸ™‚

These are my befores:


They both were pretty much just catch-alls for junk. Lots of decor I no longer care for, wrapping paper, old computers, office supplies. I threw out a fair amount of stuff, but most of it went into the garage sale pile.

This was The Pile before:


And this is The Pile after:


It’s so much bigger it had to be a landscape-view!

And here are my closets after:


I love having these pictures to remind myself of the progress. I should probably start doing this for weight loss/getting toned!

This weekend, we’re planning on tackling The Pile, trying to get it organized and deciding what we’ll put on Craigslist. Is it sad that I’m actually looking forward to it?

Happy Friday!


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