On Productivity

I wonder how much my mood, my optimism, my health, and my productivity are affected by my hormones. I hate to be a slave to hormones, but I think I might just be. I wonder how much of my current positivity and enthusiasm has to do with where I am in my cycle. I probably should have a better understanding of this at this point in my life 🙂


Today I am feeling great. I am working from home, which is likely contributing to my good mood. I also had a very strong run this morning, so the endorphins + finally not feeling sick are adding to my optimistic mindset. I am up to tackle some Project Downsize-related projects today! In between work projects, of course.

I will remember to take before-and-after photos this time. I may do a bit more work in the kitchen, but I think I’ll focus my time in our office. I have been cramming anything and everything in that closet; I don’t even remember what’s in there anymore.

Jack has been doing an amazing job lately, selling stuff online. He got rid of all his radio-controlled airplanes and all of his old musical equipment. I think he’s going to take all of that money and use on a very nice vintage acoustic guitar. It’s really motivating me to go through our closets and garage sale piles to see what I could sell on Craigslist for more money than I would get for it at a yard sale. Of course I’m super paranoid about Craigslist. I won’t let anyone come to our house, and I will definitely be careful about meeting them someplace safe.

Do you have bad/good stories about your Craigslist experiences? Do you think it’s worth it to try to squeeze a few extra bucks out of our stuff?


7 thoughts on “On Productivity

  1. I’ve used Craigslist for several bigger items like a washer/dryer set, furniture, a vehicle. I think you can definitely get extra $$ but it does require more time and effort. People sometimes don’t show up, difficulty in coordinating schedules with them, etc. But overall, I’ve been very pleased with my experiences and the amount of money I received for those items. I wouldn’t recommend spending the extra time for things you are asking less than $100 for. And always make sure to explain that there will be multiple people at the exchange just for safety, so someone doesn’t think you are alone. Happy selling 🙂

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  2. My fiance buys anything off craigslist — he bought his truck and he buys a lot of farm equipment off of there. Just meet in a neutral location if that’s possible and I’ve figured out people are more serious and easier to work with if you communicate over texting instead of email. Good luck!

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  4. You are smart to be cautious about Craigslist. There are some good buys, but make sure any meeting is clearly at a public venue. Regarding turning 40, first, congratulations. I turned 40 only 15 years ago! Prioritizing the important components of life has made the transition wonderful. Good health is a wonderful thing to possess, but requires more effort than most realize or are willing to commit. Dare to be in the minority. It enhances every other aspect of life. (Side Note: I appreciated your visit to my blog site.) Stay healthy and happy!!


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