March 2015 Resolution Check-in

I’m finally feeling like I’m getting well. I left the house yesterday to take the dogs to the vet and to spend some time with my nieces and nephew. I still feel like I have a head/chest cold, and my stomach ain’t 100%, but it’s way better than earlier in the week. I made it through the day without a nap! Today will be a challenge: I have to go back to work, then have a going-away happy hour for a colleague, then go to a dinner with my husband and some potential clients. I am seriously considering a midday nap in the car πŸ™‚

Resolution Progress:

  1. Handstand: I think I was a bit better on this than I was the previous month, but it’s not a focus at all. I did find this workout to try, but my main fitness goal is the half-marathon.
  2. Debt: Mixed bag. I paid off my car (!!!) and the remainder of one of our personal loans with part of my annual bonus. But we pretty much had a party month otherwise. LOTS of drinking/dining out. It was sort of in the budget, but I know I could have put that money to a much better use. However, I think Jack and I really needed to have some fun together, so I’m giving myself a pass here.
  3. Being anal: To be honest, I’ve sort of forgotten this was a resolution, but I also don’t feel like it was a problem for me in March. I wonder if I’ve really changed or if I am just over certain things?
  4. Half-marathon: I want to say I’m doing the best I can, but continue to get derailed with illness. My immune system is 100% freaked out. I’m attributing it to the long runs – they must be harder on me than I thought. I certainly have never done them before with this kind of regularity. On top of that, I’ve been eating like crap and drinking too much, thus the crash in my immunity. The race is two weeks from Saturday, and I didn’t get to do a long run last weekend and won’t do one this weekend either (unless I have some miraculous recovery in energy). So I’m pretty nervous about the race, but hoping I can stay well and the rest will do me good. That plus race-day adrenaline will hopefully carry me over the finish line!
  5. Downsize: Our neighborhood is having a community yard sale the first weekend in May, so we’re planning on unloading a ton of stuff then. Jack has been amazing about selling off his radio-controlled airplane stockpiles – I’m so proud of him! I haven’t done any decluttering but I’m planning on doing a ton this month. We’re on track to list the house in mid-May. Scared but excited!
  6. Meditate: Another fail.
  7. Booze: Another fail, but this latest bout of sickness means no drinks for 5 days, which is a good starting off point!
  8. Counseling: No progress, other than continued discussions with each other.
  9. Write: Success! I did complete my #write31 challenge, writing daily in this blog.
  10. Eating: Awful. I started the month with a decent week or so of dieting, and then realized that goal was not compatible with I ate a ton of restaurant food, a ton of crap snacks at the office, and barely touched a salad – which is not like me at all. And I’m surprised I’m sick? I’m going into April with a renewed interest in healthful eating.
  11. Minimalism: Nothing specific, but lots of thinking about whittling down my wardrobe. I’ve made some very specific clothing purchases so I can put together a strong basic wardrobe and get rid of all the stuff I don’t love.
  12. Empathy: Sort of the same thing as #3?
  13. Volunteering: Fail 😦
  14. Travel: We didn’t get to go to the mountains this week because I was sick. I’m planning a trip to Portland for work in April, and then we have our anniversary trip in May. I’m still thinking about that 40th birthday trip in June.
  15. Job: Just when I was feeling all settled in and chill at work, a new potential lead came out of nowhere. Waiting to see where it goes…

2015 is already one-quarter over!


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