Write 31: March 30th

Well, I’m still sick, but the stomach flu part is mostly gone. Yesterday was pretty horrible! I wasn’t able to eat anything, but did manage to drink some Gatorade and had the best Coca Cola ever 🙂 This morning I’m left with that chest cold and some sniffles – but I’ll take that any day over throwing up.

We’ve cancelled our little mountain trip. I’m way too weak to do any hiking. Today is Jack’s birthday, and he said he’s happy to just take it easy together, go to the movies, and have a nice dinner. (Hopefully I will feel like eating by then!) He doesn’t seem too disappointed, so that’s good. And I’m feeling too lousy to even be disappointed. I’m just mostly excited about napping on the couch.

It’s frustrating that I’m sick with our half-marathon less than 3 weeks away. I completely missed out on training for it this weekend. I ran 4 miles on Friday, but it was lousy, which I now know was because I was coming down with this chest cold. Here’s hoping I’ll be able to get one more long run in this coming weekend. I think it would give me a lot more confidence about being able to complete the race.

Well, Accountability is pretty simple for yesterday:

  • Food: None
  • Workout: None
  • Spending: None

Hah, maybe I should have the stomach flu more often. NOT.


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