Write 31: March 28th

Jack and I had a fun day yesterday. It’s nice to occasionally take a random day off from work and spend time together. I highly recommend it if you’re able to do it! We went running, but it wasn’t a great run. Turns out, I’m getting sick again. Whomp, whomp. So far it’s just in my chest, and I’m hoping it will stay there and will go away quickly. I’m chugging juice this morning and got about nine hours of sleep. We ate lots of delicious food yesterday, went for massages, and got our cars detailed. Totally spoiled ourselves.

We’re changing up our plans for the rest of the weekend because BASKETBALL. It’s Jack’s birthday weekend, so he gets to call the shots. If he’d rather watch the games than go out dancing, that’s fine with me. Probably smarter for me anyway, since I have a chest cold. We’re also delaying our little mountain trip by a day so we can watch the Louisville game tomorrow 🙂

I’m skipping Accountability because it was a run-free kind of day.

Hope you’re having the best weekend ever!


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