Write 31: March 27th

Vacation! Staycation! A little of both 🙂

  • Today: running, massage, basketball game (Go Cards!)
  • Tomorrow: movie, dinner, dancing (Jack’s birthday celebration!)
  • Sunday -> Tuesday: mountains (hiking, hot tubbing, cheap Mexican food!)
  • Wednesday: hanging out with my nieces during their spring break (Cinderella movie!)

I’m excited. I’m glad we get to travel a little bit, but I don’t have to worry about flying or a long road trip. Mostly I’m looking forward to spending time with Jack, and then with my family.


  • Food: Breakfast was a PB sandwich, then some yogurt and strawberries a little bit later. Lunch was a salad with tuna, an apple and some cheese. Dinner was a soft taco with leftover cheesy-pork. There were like a dozen cakes in the office for our CMO’s birthday. I managed to resist them there, but took a slice home to share with Jack. I was good with not snacking yesterday. I ended the day with some popcorn, that cake, a glass of wine, and a vodka-soda.
  • Workout: Arms and abs at home, and then I walked enough to get past the 10k step goal.
  • Spending: $23 at Hallmark on birthday cards and a gift bag.

Happy Friday y’all!


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