Write 31: March 25th

Today it’s three months until I turn 40. So soon! I’m actually pretty excited about it. the older I get, the happier I get – plus I always love an excuse to spoil myself πŸ™‚

In the meantime, Jack’s birthday is this weekend, so I’m looking forward to celebrating with him. We’re taking a short trip to the mountains for some hiking, but first spending the weekend here in Atlanta, drinkin’ and dancin’. Good times.

My office is doing this odd, last-minute walk/run today. We’re supposed to all walk two miles (or run if we’d like) to Dunkin Donuts together. Then they’ll buy us a treat, and then we walk or run back to the office. Weird, right? Doesn’t the treat in the middle sort of defeat the purpose of the four miles? I’m debating whether or not to do it, as I already had a run planned this morning. But seeing how I missed two days of workouts on Sunday and Monday this week, it wouldn’t hurt me to do both, right? I guess I’ll do the ol’ wait-and-see approach, being sure to take my running stuff with me.


  • Food: Juice, Lara bar, for breakfast. Apple with PB for snack. Leftover pork, spinach and brown rice for lunch. Crackers and PB for another snack. Protein bar, popcorn, cheese, and raw veggies for dinner. One glass of wine. I feel like I’m forgetting something. There was also some random chocolate snacking at work. They are making us all fat with the piles of snacks they give us!
  • Workout: 40 minutes; half in the gym doing weights and half walking the little trail around my office building. Such a pretty day outside πŸ™‚
  • Spending: $31 on CO2 refills for the Soda Stream, $72 on my hair.

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