Write 31: March 24th

I was WORN OUT yesterday from the weekend. I feel like the day went by in a haze. Work was a little intense but productive. Jack is sick, so I brought him home Chinese food for dinner. Nothing helps a cold like hot and sour soup! I was in bed before 9pm, which was so what I needed.

I am feeling guilty and a little antsy because I haven’t worked out since Saturday. Partly because I didn’t plan well enough to squeeze it in, and partly because I’ve been tired since Saturday’s long run. I had hoped to go for a run after work yesterday, but I couldn’t have been less into it. I didn’t want to force it and have a miserable run, because that would affect my interest in future runs. Excuses, right? I have to leave an hour early this morning, and I’ll be two hours late getting home tonight, so it doesn’t appear that running is in the cards for today. I think I will be able to hit the gym during lunch though, so that’s good 🙂

I have a hair appointment this evening. I’m debating whether to cut my hair to my shoulders, which would be at least 6 inches off. I’m not scared of having shorter hair – it’s been super short in the past. I just told myself I’d let it grow til my 40th birthday in June, since I don’t think I should be having long hair in my official middle age. But I’m kind of over it. Should I stick to my “goal” (I guess it’s more of a plan?) or chop it off? I think I’ll wait til tonight to decide…


  • Food: Breakfast was half a smoothie and an egg burrito, with half a bagel around 10am. Lunch was a Cobb salad from Target, an orange, and a few pieces of chocolate. Another snack was a pack of PB crackers. Dinner was Chinese food: fried rice, brown rice, steamed veggies. Dessert was almond milk gelato and it was pretty dang good. Also, no booze – yay!
  • Workout: None 😦
  • Spending: $110 on two pairs of shoes for me and two pairs of shoes for Jack.

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