Write 31: March 23rd

Well, yesterday was the most irresponsible day I’ve had in a long, long time. I did manage to clean the half-bath and sweep/mop the kitchen and living room. I may have also emptied the dishwasher. But then any semblance of responsibility ended, and Jack and I spent the rest of the day shopping, drinking, listening to music, and watching basketball. I stayed up way past my bedtime to watch the Louisville game, but could only make it to half-time (Go Cards!). I’m starting off the week very sleepy and not at my best, but I think I would do it again. We had a really fun day together, and I think we both needed that.

I will refrain from my Accountability portion of #write31, since yesterday was accountability-free 🙂

As we’re getting closer to the end of March, and the end of writing every day, I’m starting to think (again) about how I want this blog to be moving forward. Quality over quantity, for sure. I’m still undecided about whether to have some kind of writing schedule or be more of a when-the-inspiration-hits kind of blogger. I like the regimen of the schedule, but one thing I’ve learned through this #write31 exercise is that this can be mighty boring without the focus of a specific top or inspiration. I never wanted this to be my journal, after all.


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