Write 31: March 21st

Are you a fan of college basketball? Maybe just for March Madness? It’s a big deal in our house. I love the first few days of it because there is so much going on, so many games to watch, so many upsets happening. It suits my multi-tasking, information-gorging brain. Yes, my bracket is busted, but isn’t everyone’s? Isn’t that half the fun?

My graduate school is currently the darling, with an upset win over Baylor. It’s fun to see them getting so much attention, since GSU has historically been just a commuter school. My husband’s school almost became one of the teams that was upset, but was able to squeak out a win in the last seconds. We were watching from a sports bar and I’ve never seen Jack get so angry when watching them play.

Enough basketball talk. Today is another 10-miler. I’m not excited. I think we have a more interesting route picked this week, but it’s still SO FAR. Since I’m such a slow runner, this will be another loooong run. But then we’ll have a nice afternoon of napping before we go to hear bands play tonight. Fun!


  • Food: There was no semblance of counting calories yesterday. My office gave us chocolate croissants when we walked in the door to celebrate the lobby remodel. Odd, right? Then our team went out for pizza for lunch. Then I had nachos with Jack while we were watching the game, along with a beer and a vodka-soda. Once we got home, we snacked on popcorn and cake and had a couple more drinks. Not a good day, but hopefully I am super-carb-loaded for today’s run?
  • Workout: None, as Friday = rest day.
  • Spending: ~$60 at the bar watching the game.

Enjoy the weekend!


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