Write 31: March 17th

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

March 17th used to be a day of bad memories for my husband and I. Our first year of dating was up and down, to say the least. March 17th was a particularly bad breakup, way back in 2000. So long ago! It’s been interesting watching this date go from having so much painful meaning to just being a fun holiday. I’m so grateful those days are far behind us, and that we’ve learned to deal with our issues in a much more communicative and productive way.

I’m aiming for a 6am run, which makes me nervous because it’s SO dark. Also, there have been coyote sightings around here lately. Maybe I am being an idiot and I should just do a workout at home and wait to run until tomorrow?

In random news, our director at work bought a mini-fridge to stock with drinks and snacks, and put it in my team’s office. It’s really for the whole digital marketing team, but it’s IN our office. This makes it crazy hard to resist that bucket o’ snacks! Yesterday, I ate a pack of cheese and crackers, a granola bar, and part of a Pop-Tart. NOT COOL. I exceeded my revised, higher calorie goal for sure. Today I need to be strong and totally ignore all those delicious, snacky little carbs. Grr.


  • Food: Breakfast was yogurt and strawberries; Lunch was a cheese wrap with veggies; Dinner was quinoa pasta with leftover vodka sauce and chicken sausage. Snacks were all that crap mentioned above, along with two glasses of wine and some popcorn after dinner.
  • Workout: Great gym workout (first time in the gym in several weeks!)
  • Spending: Returned a dress to Target but had to buy some t-shirts for Jack and some toiletries – netted out around $15

Are you wearing green? Will you be doing any celebrating after work?


4 thoughts on “Write 31: March 17th

  1. Snacking always gets me! It’s just so easy and delicious — especially when there are things I don’t have a lot. Stay strong! Maybe bring some of your own snacks to put in the fridge? Happy St. Pat’s!


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