Write 31: March 16th (Halfway there!)

Monday again. I’m so lucky that I don’t face Mondays with dread. My job is just fine! I was thinking yesterday how great it is that I totally let go of work stuff each Friday afternoon and barely think about it until it’s time to go back. I’ve had jobs in the past that consumed me and occupied my thoughts constantly; I’ve had jobs that left me physically exhausted and mentally/spiritually depleted. I had no idea how depressed I was from my last job until I was several months into my current job and realized how much better I felt. Whatever boredom/frustration I may feel in my job, it’s such a blessing that it’s pretty much all growth- and development-related and not a happiness issue.

This week doesn’t look too full of meetings, which is nice after recent weeks of non-stop ones. I have a doctor appointment in the morning. And it’s St Patrick’s Day! I’m half-Irish, not that it matters when drinking green beer. It’s just a random fun holiday. Any excuse for a cocktail 😉

I’m heading for an early morning gym workout shortly. Trying to get back on track with those, as I’ve let them slip due to running and not wanting to be stressed about getting out of the house at 5:30am.


  • Food: Breakfast was eggs, potatoes, veggie sausage, fruit, half a protein bar (starving when I woke up!); Lunch was half a pita pocket with turkey and cheese, plus salad, oranges; Dinner was sea bass with sweet potato and spinach; Snack was popcorn, a brownie, two glasses of wine and a cocktail
  • Workout: Just a two mile walk, as I’m trying to recover from Saturday’s long run
  • Spending: $110 on groceries and two prescriptions for one of my dogs

This week, I’ll be trying to take some of the lessons I learned last week. A little more food, a little less drinking, a lot more rest.


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