Write 31: March 14th

Saturday morning means another long run. I think we’re supposed to do 9 but may go for 10 if we’re up for it. It’s kind of misty and cool here, but as long as it doesn’t rain for real, it should be an awesome morning for a run. Trying to psych myself up here 🙂

Last night we had dinner with my husband’s son and his wife, her family, and their friends. We didn’t stay late and we didn’t drink much and we didn’t pig out, so we were pretty pleased with ourselves. We got soft serve ice cream on the way home and were watching House of Cards by 9:45. It cracks us up that we’d rather be doing that than staying out late with everyone. Not that we don’t want to do that; we’re just finally sick of dealing with the day after. Hangovers only get worse the older we get! Having this half marathon hanging over heads definitely helps us to make better decisions.


  • Food: Breakfast was yogurt with fruit; Lunch was Subway; Dinner was pizza with hummus and veggies as an app, plus two and half beers; Snacks were popcorn, almonds, an apple with pb, part of an Ice Cream cone from Chick fil a, and half a glass of wine. Not the best day, but I eased up on the calorie restriction in anticipation of the long run this morning.
  • Workout: None, since Friday is my rest day (but I did hit my 10k step goal, according to Fitbit!).
  • Spending: Not my strongest day, for sure. In addition to $5 on lunch and $75 on dinner, I did a little spring wardrobe refreshing for about $120.

Happy weekend y’all!


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