Write 31: March 12th

I did everything right yesterday, until the end of the day. After Jack and I had dinner, we were lounging on the sofa and decided to go up to our little local bar for a drink. We only had two drinks each there, but then we came home and started listening to music and had a dance party (obsessed with this song right now) and stayed up waaay past our bedtimes. A full day of strong willpower, up til the end. That said, we had a blast together and it was a fun change for the middle of the week. I probably won’t have the best run this morning though 🙂

I did still come in right at my calorie goal for the day, so at least there’s that. And I was productive with my job and around the house. I worked from home, which gives me the chance to get caught up on laundry and other chores during work hours. Gotta love that.


  • Food: Breakfast was scrambled eggs with tofu and veggies; Lunch was a veggie burger wrap; Snack was a protein granola bar; Dinner was pasta with vodka sauce, followed by popcorn, a cocktail, and those aforementioned glasses of wine
  • Workout: HIIT workout at home; 2 mile walk
  • Spending: $110 on my and Jack’s half-marathon fees (it’s really happening!!!); $27 at the pub; $62 on groceries

Up for today: 3 mile run (I hope), a Target run at lunch to get birthday stuff for my husband’s son and his wife, and a chill night at home FOR SURE.


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