Write 31: March 11th

Day 11 of #write31 and Day 3 of my diet. Good times ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m starting to think about what I want this blog to look like after I finish the 31 day writing challenge. I do want it to be a lifestyle blog (since that means I can write about pretty much anything). I’m considering some kind of a schedule, with themed days of the week, but I want to continue to enjoy writing here and not feel like it’s a chore. Sometimes I think the less structure the better, as I tend to resent obligations. And since my goal here is to hold myself accountable and explore my thoughts/feelings, I don’t want to lose that focus by thinking more about building an audience. So now that I’ve talked in a circle, I’ll just leave this topic for another day…


  • Food: oatmeal with fruit and nuts and milk; Subway veggie sub with Baked Lays; salad with tuna and tofu; snacks (popcorn, apple, nuts, dried fruit, cheese); two cocktails
  • Workout: 3+ mile jog (in the rain, no less)
  • Spending: $6 on Subway (was planning on lunch at a work event but I wasn’t able to attend due to an emergency meeting)

Today is my work from home today, so I am expecting more of a challenge in terms of eating. All this temptation around here!

I just realized I didn’t eat anything sweet yesterday, other than fruit. I have a slight tendency towards sugar addiction, so I can’t believe I didn’t have dessert yesterday! Twice I thought about having a piece of chocolate, but each time decided I’d rather consume my calories in other forms (and yes, gin was one of them ;)). Interesting.

Enjoy your Wednesday!


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