Write 31: March 9th

Well, yesterday’s easy little hike ended up being nine miles, since we weren’t actually on trail we meant to take, and waited for over two hours before admitting defeat and turning around. That said, it was such a perfect day – sunny, in the 60s, and the woods were beautiful. However, the last couple of miles were a little rough, since we’d only wanted to do about 4 or 5 due to our legs and feet being worn out from Saturday’s long run. We were over it by the end. But then, we were able to have Dairy Queen (still love a small town DQ!) in Ellijay and enjoy our Blizzards guilt-free.


The hiking and travel time to Ellijay took up the majority of the day. It was an awesome way to spend a Sunday together, without spending too much money. It also renewed our interest in (hopefully!) purchasing a cabin, or at least some land, up that way in the next couple of years. The road to the trail went through rolling hills and pastures, with the most perfect creek running through the middle. We saw a lot of cabins that had been built along the creek, which might be more enjoyable that being on the side of the mountain. Something to think about…


  • Food: Breakfast at Waffle House: egg and cheese on wheat toast, shared sausage, hashbrowns and a little bit of waffle with Jack; medium Oreo cheesecake Blizzard; salad with cheese and crackers, popcorn, and a cocktail and a half
  • Workout: 9 mile hike
  • Spending: $16 on breakfast; $12 on lunch

Starting today, I’m going to be much more conscious (and cautious) about what I’m eating. I’d like to get below 120 pounds, before the summer gets here, so that’s about six pounds to lose. Time to re-download My Fitness Pal!


3 thoughts on “Write 31: March 9th

  1. wow! what an active weekend you had! 9 mile run and a 9 mile hike! You definitely deserved your DQ blizzard!
    I have used MyFitnessPal before. It’s pretty good, but I always found myself forgetting to us it at meal time… Or getting tired of it after a week or so… Hope it helps you! đŸ™‚

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  2. MyFitnessPal and I have had an on- and off-again relationship. It’s annoying to use, but it’s the only thing I’ve found that really helps me to hold myself accountable. Maybe this time I’ll be better at sticking with it since I’m thinking about everything I do because of this blog?

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