Write 31: March 8th

Yesterday’s nine-miler was GREAT. Like probably the best run I’ve had in my life, considering the distance. Jack picked a fun course through midtown and downtown Atlanta, so we had a lot to distract us. The weather was sunny and in the 50s, which was perfect. I think the carb overload helped. In addition to Friday night pizza and cheesecake, we ate a few Snickers bites immediately before the run. I had so much energy and felt bouncy, even when my feet and calves were killing me the last couple of miles.

I’m happy to say we didn’t follow the run with a total pig-out. We shared half a sandwich and had a mimosa. Then Jack took a nap and I went to get my nails done. It’s spring, y’all! Bare feet!

The rest of the day was pretty chill. We had a super healthy dinner and watched Louisville beat #2 Virginia for the last regular season game. March Madness = bring it.

And now it’s the start of daylight savings time. I hate that my morning runs will be dark again for awhile. But the later sunset is a bonus 🙂


  • Food: Oatmeal with pb and raisins, a few Snickers bites; 1/4 of a Reuben sandwich, 1 mimosa; 1 small leftover slice of pizza; 6 (?) oz trout, kale, mashed potatoes; popcorn, two glasses of wine, two cocktails
  • Workout: 9.5 mile run
  • Spending: $60 mani (gel)/pedi (including tip); $50 on groceries and wine; $35 on a new salad spinner

We’re heading to the mountains later this morning, for an easy-ish hike and hopefully some good lunch. Enjoy your Sunday!


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