Write 31: March 7th

It’s the weekend, yay! Jack and I had a carb party last night, pizza and cheesecake, aw yeah 🙂 We have a nine mile run scheduled for this morning. Last week we were eating super healthy, think veggies and brown rice and chicken, and we had the worst run ever. We were supposed to do 8 miles but quit after 4.5. So we definitely blamed that on all the healthy eating. It’s an experiment, y’all!

Accountability: 3/6/15

  • Food: Evol Lean & Fit breakfast burrito with an orange; half of a chicken BLT panini, Lays; protein bar; small slice of cake from a co-workers birthday (damn those work snacks!); 3 slices of bacon cheeseburger pizza with ranch (I’m a pig!), small slice of cheesecake, glass of wine and a cocktail
  • Workout: None, since Fridays are off days before long run Saturdays
  • Spending: $30 on pizza night

Notably missing: any vegetables. That is a bad day for me. It’s good for me to see this listed out here, because I really felt like I had all this self-control yesterday and was making good food choices (excluding dinner, of course). I think we’ll be eating much healthier tonight to make up for last night. And at least I’ll burn some of that junk food off on the run this morning.

I don’t think we have much of anything else planned for this weekend, which I have to admit, I’m pretty happy about. While I’m not anti-social, I do crave time for myself, and this was a really busy week at work. Non-stop meetings, vendor lunches, and a team presentation. I feel like I was talking to people all day every day. I’m looking forward to being quiet.

What about you? Anyone have the Best Weekend Plans Ever???


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