Write 31: March 6th

Happy Friday!

Totally stealing this “Accountability” idea from CENTS to LOVE. She lists all her discretionary spending each week. When we were saving up for the down payment on our townhouse, my husband and I would write what we’d spent each day on a wall calendar (old school, I know). It sort of became a competition between us, to see who spend the least each week. Those days are long gone, however, and we’re currently struggling to rein our expenses back in. I know I can do anything to change Jack’s behavior; that has to come from his own decision. But I’m going to track my spending here, along with my food intake and workouts, in the hopes it will make me think twice if I have to tell you about it 🙂

Accountability: 3/5/13

  • Food: Oatmeal with fruit and nuts; work lunch at Capital Grille: calamari (3rd day in a row, ugh), cobb salad with steak, Starbucks short latte; popcorn, coconut flakes, one Samoa, two glass of wine
  • Workout: At-home full-body workout
  • Spending: $4 at Starbucks

Tomorrow is a nine mile run. We’re going to eat lots of carbs today. I think it’s pizza night, woo hoo.


2 thoughts on “Write 31: March 6th

  1. Hey! Just trying to catch up on reading your blog. I’m so impressed that you are still writing every day. Well done!

    I like the idea of the accountability. I have read a bunch of Cents to Love’s posts before. I wonder if that might help me…

    Good luck on your 9 mile run tomorrow! That’s a long run!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I totally haven’t had to time to read anyone else’s blog but I’m determined to write at least a few sentences each day this month. You should try the accountability thing too – it seems like a good way to be more thoughtful about what we’re spending 🙂


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