Write 31: March 5th

I don’t really have anything on my mind, so this will just be a boring recap of my day đŸ™‚ The goal right now, unfortunately for any readers, is quantity (#writeandrun31), not quality.

I started yesterday with a great run in the fog, almost five miles. I felt like I could have kept going, but had to get ready for work. Breakfast was leftover oatmeal then a little later, some stir-fried tofu with kale. Another work lunch: mixed green salad with salmon, and a little calamari for a starter, with a short latte afterwards. For no good reason, I stopped at World Market because I was early for lunch, and spent $20 on earrings, wine, and some shamrock-shaped pasta, none of which I needed at all.

Last night, we went out to meet up with Jack’s alumni group to watch the basketball game. There, I had a beer (from my hometown!) and two g&t’s, and a buffalo chicken flatbread (have I mentioned I am a crazy sucker for anything buffalo???). So the train pretty much came off the track, but I had kind of planned on it, thus the longer run and the light eating (plus no snacking) during the day. I guess I don’t feel that guilty about it? I do feel slightly hungover, but I’m proud that I still got up at 5:00 this morning and will be doing a workout. I was actually so relieved when my alarm went off because I had been having this ridiculous and stressful dream that every morning, I had to milk a cow and take the milk in a paper bag to these two celebrity women and pour it into new paper bags for them to drink. Also, there were all these elephants, dogs that were kept in boxes in the floor, and tons of lab animals that I had to feed everyday. SO MUCH STRESS!

Did I mention it was almost 80 degrees here in Atlanta yesterday? Just a week ago, we were being sent home from our conference due to the threat of snow and ice. But don’t worry; it’s going to be about 27 here tomorrow morning, so winter’s not done with us yet.


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