Write 31: March 3rd

Three days in a row, woo woooo!

Yesterday was sort of a hectic Monday. Up at 5:00, three mile run before work. Eggs and chocolate milk for breakfast. Work felt like we were getting back on track after the odd last week. They also sent out the bonus calculator, which put everyone in a better mood 🙂 Lunch was a mashup of leftovers: sweet potato, white potato, salad, cheese, salsa, veggie sausage. Fruit, pb, and more cheese for a snack. Good team meeting, followed by a new fire to put out, courtesy of my boss. For dinner, we had leftovers from the weekend, popcorn, one glass of wine and one cocktail (I made another but decided to listen to my body at go to bed at 9), and two Girl Scout cookies. Not too bad, right? For a Monday, at least?

I had a call with a recruiter from the startup I’ve been interviewing with. We both agreed the roles they have available aren’t in line with my experience, and promised she’d reach out if/when something more senior opened up. She also said she’d keep me in mind for other roles she hears about through her contacts. It’s nice to know that’s a possibility, just in case.

Jack and I had a fight about retirement planning, but later, he called me to explain himself and to apologize, so I think it will open up better conversations moving forward. Finances in our house are a sensitive topic, unfortunately. Over the years, we’ve gone from my husband making all the money to us being on pretty much even ground, so I’ve wondered if that shift has created underlying tension we don’t want to explore. It must put us both on the defensive.

Who’s watching House of Cards? Season three was just released on Netflix and it’s so so good. We’re trying to not binge-watch, but it’s really hard to only watch one. So much tension! Also, Robin Wright is freaking STUNNING.

Today is another hectic day at work, but Google is taking us out for sushi, so that’s something nice to look forward to! I’m going to try a new workout this morning. If it’s good, I’ll be sure to post it. Tonight will be a no-booze night, since I have a longer run scheduled for tomorrow morning.

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!


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