Weekend Update

Yes, it’s Sunday and I’m up at 6am. Who am I???

Saturday night is usually the only night I stay up past 10pm and indulge in a few cocktails, but last night, I was completely wiped out from a 8 mile run and an afternoon spent shopping with my mom, my sis and my niece. Record step day, according to the Fitbit: about 28k. I also ran a million errands and spent about two hours making dinner. So now that I think about it, I’m not that surprised that I was asleep before 10:00.

Yesterday’s run was tough. My husband picked the route and it was much hillier than I was expecting. It’s also the first long run I’ve done since I got this cold/ear infection/bronchitis/sore throat that been plaguing me the past 2+ weeks. I will be gentle with myself and not be frustrated by my incredibly slow-ass pace. The good news is that I had much less pain that I generally have on longer runs. The other good news is that we shared a chocolate croissant afterwards, totally guilt-free 🙂

I have an offsite for the majority of this week, so I imagine I’ll spend most of today cleaning the house and packing for being away. The funny thing is that I’m going all the way to… Downtown Atlanta! It cracks me up that my company spends so much money putting us all up at hotels for the week. But. I’m definitely not complaining! I’m looking forward to spending time with my larger team and to only have to worry about taking care of myself for a few days. I know my husband is also looking forward to doing whatever he wants around here while I’m gone, and not having to eat vegetables or watch HGTV.

How’s your weekend going?


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