Weekend Update + Resolution: Downsize

How was your Valentine’s Day? Do you enjoy it or do you think it’s just a Hallmark holiday? I fall someplace in the middle. I think it’s a lovely sentiment, to take a day to enjoy and spoil your partner, but I do think the expectations can be hurtful. Jack and I have only recently begun to celebrate it. We were in a very odd position of it being both of our wedding anniversaries with our ex-spouses. Awkward much? We pretty much ignored the holiday for years. I realized this year that we’d, after 14 years, together, pretty much erased the old meaning of the date. These days, we keep it pretty low-key but do make an effort to do something special for each other.

In other news, I’m finally feeling better but I’m still not 100%. I would say, 87%. I was able to jog and walk about six miles on Saturday, which was encouraging and pleasant. And I was practically giddy afterwards, from all the endorphins. Exercise = love, you guys! We had friends over Saturday night and spent most of yesterday at my parents’ house with my sister and her family. It was a pretty great weekend and I loved every minute of it.

And now it’s back to work. A lot of people are off today for Presidents’ Day and I am jealous of them! Atlanta is on HIGH ALERT for wintry weather, which most likely means nothing but the memory Snowjam 2014 of is so fresh, chances are there will be overreacting. Which is way better than people sleeping in their cars along the interstate.

This weekend, Jack and I talked a LOT about our downsizing goal. It’s such an odd subject, because we loooove our townhouse and enjoy our neighbors. But we agree it’s way too much space, which means we have way too much stuff and we’re spending way more money than we need to be. We did our Saturday run around Chastain Park, which is in a pretty swanky part of town. Those are multi-million dollar homes. But just down the street is a cute neighborhood of mid-century townhomes (with a pool!). We could walk to everything! The location is amazing. The prices are about half of what we paid for our current home. That would also come with about half as much space as we have now, but that’s what we want.

That also makes us uncomfortable, and we spent a lot of time this weekend talking about that discomfort. It will be a big shift. We’ll have to be especially mindful of what we take with us from this house to the next. We’ll have to be really smart about each and every thing we’ll have in a smaller space. Here, I’ve bought things just to fill up empty space. That won’t happen in a small home. Everything will need to have a reason. While I love this, I know it will be a challenge.

We have to stay in our home until May, so that we’ve lived here for two full years and can avoid any capital gains tax. That gives us a couple of months to continue paring down our stuff. We’ve already got a “sell” and a “donate” pile started. I am finding that the “selling” part makes my husband freak out a little. It’s good we’re already working on improving our communication with each other 🙂 Moving is always stressful; having a house on the market is stressful; talking about money is stressful. Add all of that to cutting our living space by more than half. We’ll have many opportunities to work on our new conflict resolution skills!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Update + Resolution: Downsize

  1. I am so glad that you are feeling better and that you were able to get out for a jog! Yay!
    Also, that is very exciting that you are getting further in the downsizing goal. Last year we moved from a townhouse to a house, so we have moved up in space, but we are still working on downsizing the number of things that are in our house… It is very hard to get rid of stuff, but whenever I think of why I am holding on to things, it’s normally some sort of strange emotional attachment.

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