Where’s my Inspiration?

After a flurry of activity in January and the beginning of February, I’ve fallen silent. I know a lot has to do with this cold I’ve had for more than a week now. All I’ve really had the energy to is to go to work, take care of my dogs, and go to bed. Not fun, and certainly not motivating! I wouldn’t say I’m feeling sorry for myself, at least I’m trying hard not to, but I really miss all my exercise endorphins. Yesterday, I found myself resorting to an old security blanket – shopping. For as long as I’ve had the money to do so, whenever I’ve been down or feeling bad about myself, I’ve gone shopping. I completely avoided it last month with the exception of one blouse for a work event. But yesterday, I was just like, I need this; it’s the only thing that will make me feel better.. I was surprised how quickly I reverted to that and how little interest I had in stopping myself. The only good thing i can think to say is that I was super selective about what I bought, and I got some really cute stuff.

In opposite news, I went to an Investing 101 workshop last night at my credit union. It was very informative and easily digestible, and made me more excited about beginning to invest more of our income. Plus, there was free Chick fil A for dinner, lol!

We also had our second dance lesson this week, and we both enjoyed it. I can’t believe how quickly they help you to learn new steps and to progress. I was still feeling crappy, so I don’t feel like I did my best, but I’m looking forward to practicing this weekend.

Tomorrow is supposed to be an 8 mile run, as part of the half-marathon training. I haven’t run since last Saturday, which was a great run but then probably caused me to get way sicker. Jury’s out on whether I’ll be up for tomorrow or not. I so hope my chest is feeling clearer and I’ll be able to get out there. Need that runner’s high!


5 thoughts on “Where’s my Inspiration?

  1. I have a fear of being gung-ho on my blog for the beginning and then losing interest in a couple months, so hopefully we can help each other keep up on both the blogging and the goals. Being sick can really do a number on motivation and a sense of progress. The best thing to do though is to get back on it as soon as you are healthy enough to do it. Don’t feel back or worry about what you’ve missed, just jump back in and the motivation and enthusiasm will return.

    If you are really struggling, make a list of easy, simple goals that you can check off without much effort. Checking things off a list, even if they are really easy, and seeing the list getting done, definitely motivates me and gets me going on the harder or more challenging tasks and goals that I may have been avoiding… (Last weekend I made a list that started with shower, get dressed, make tea… eventually it got me to do 3 loads of laundry and wash dishes… )

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