Getting Into the Details: Resolution #15

15. Find a new job.

This one gives me pause. On the one hand, I’m so very comfortable in my role on my team at my company. I’m somewhat challenged, and I have a lot of freedom. I mostly get along with my co-workers, and my boss, while pretty worthless in terms of development, mostly leaves me alone to create and complete the projects I choose. I think my compensation is decent, and I loooove the overall company (not to mention those hotel discounts!)

But. My skillset isn’t growing the way I’d like, and there isn’t the room for growth on my current team. So I have two options: look for a new role at my current company, or leave and most likely move back into the agency world. With option #1, I could stay in a place where I am comfortable, and I feel like our company really does care about our happiness. But I would run into the same problem in terms of advancement. I’ve heard other people say they had to make a lot of lateral moves before getting a real promotion, and I’m not sure if I have the patience or interest (or, let’s be honest, time!) for that. I also really appreciate my work-life balance, and that is something I would most likely sacrifice should I go with option #2.

I was primarily miserable in my time spent at agencies, for a lot of reasons. But I was able to quickly rise through the ranks there, and you’re really on the cutting edge of changes in the field when you’re constantly being exposed to new technologies and ideas virtually every day. It’s easy to be complacent on the client side.

I feel like I’m really at a crossroads here. On the one hand, I’ve never been the most motivated career-wise. I’m not driven by a need to be an SVP or run my own place. On the other hand, I see in my past that I’ve inadvertently given up on a lot of opportunities just because I didn’t think it could possibly work out for me. I didn’t think I was good/smart/talented enough, but after spending some time in the “real” working world, I see that I am more than enough. While I don’t care to give up my personal life and work 70 hours a week, in my current role, I’m doing really well and I probably get about 20 hours of real work done a week. So that seems like a bit of a waste, yes?

In writing this, I see that what I need to look for is something in the middle. Perhaps that is with a different team within my current company. Perhaps that is at an agency. But maybe there is another client-side position or something I haven’t even considered out there for me.

I need to put a timeline on this. There are fun things I’d like to be around for over the next few months, and we’re currently one person short on my team and may be two or three short in the near future. I wouldn’t want to leave them hanging, since it’s been such a positive place for me these last three years. In the meantime, I can start working on my resume and my LinkedIn profile, and do more research on companies that appeal to me. I can also keep a lookout for new openings at work.

I have to say, maybe more than all of my other resolutions, this one leaves me with the most unease and the least clear path to change.


2 thoughts on “Getting Into the Details: Resolution #15

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